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Vukašin Anđelković
Graphic Designer, Tech and Android savvy
Graphic Designer, Tech and Android savvy

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Pricing and info for the things I make.

Product Icons
I am making icons for other app developers who want their old icon or new one themed.


Style: I'm making preferably Flat & Material Design icons.

Prices: Price of one icon is 40$ but the price may vary depending on how much time it takes to complete it, and what client wants.

What you get:
When I make you an icon you will get these images in a zip file:
- Image for Play Store (512x512px)
- Image in all dpi sizes (mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi)

Source file:
Source file doesn't come with the 40$ price. For the source file you will have to pay 5$ more. You can get it in SVG or Ai format.

Time: Basic concept can take somewhere around 1-3 hours. Adjusting and finalizing the icon can take longer. The whole project can be finished in one week.

I can also make Vector Portraits.


Prices: Price of one portrait is 15$ but it may vary based on what the client wants. (If the portrait is complicated, with shadows, etc. the price will be higher, and if the portrait is simple the price will stay as mentioned).

Time: Simple portrait can take 1-2 hours and finalizing it can take longer.

If you are interested or have any additional questions, you can send me a message on Hangouts or contact me on this email -

Payments can only be done via PayPal, since I'm unable to use anything else.


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If your device is on a supported list you should definitely flash this ROM.
CypherOS 3.6 Jamocha: Release 1

We're back and fully loaded

A couple months back we've announced that we would completely seperate ourselves from CyanogenMod/LineageOS. It wasn't that we didn't like what they brought to the table, but we wanted to be identified as our own project and not a rehash.

This rebase meant that we would have to redo almost everything from scratch, but we were ready. We love challenges and we love keeping ourselves busy. We then, opened up a new branch and got to work, day and night, pushing new changes. But instead of just cherry-picking a bunch of commits and calling it a creation, we wanted to take the opportunity to solidify what we stand for and what our goal is. We started playing with new frameworks and API's. Tinkering with features and the AOSP codebase as a whole. Now here we are 2 months later, with a completely AOSP/CAF based rom, with a huge performance increase and beautiful user interface, a handful of useful features and stunning experience system wide. We've payed attention to detail and how things should be implemented, behind the scenes and for you guys to enjoy.

What we've done

As stated before, we're fully based on AOSP/CAF. We now hold our own framework for external utilities for custom hardware support and new UI elements. We call this AOSCP Framework. A small and light-weight framework with custom libraries written from scratch and hardware utilities for hardware based features such as hardware keys and vibration configurations. We've recreated a lot of AOSP application icons to fit the new standard and demand for round ones.

Additions has gotten a small update for refinements within the interface and nightlight is fully working. Google Assistant is available for all devices right out of the box and COTA has gotten major enhancements for usability when installing updates. Luna has received some new goodies as well, with a few new hand gestures, such as swiping up to open the app drawer and swiping down to launch the Google's quick search. You can also double tap the home screen to put the device the sleep right from the launcher. Our biggest addition for Luna is full support for Google Now, with the ability to swipe to the left for the Google Now page. One Handed Mode has also made it's way thanks to the latest Android r22 Merges.

Previously, +Chris Crump​​​​ was creating a new boot animation, but due to issues on runtime, our beloved +Some One decided to step in and help. This guy is responsible for the first aoscp boot animation that appeared in the initial nougat launch and we're happy that he has once again extended a helping hand by providing a beautiful and simple boot animation. Also a reminder for you guys, we've watched a lot of video reviews and we've noticed that most don't touch on a lot of features, because the user simply doesn't know that there are more features outside of the additions menu. This is us reminding you that features can be spread out throughout the settings menu to fit their designated category. We plan to release a support setting in the future with useful tips to help users locate new features.

We'll just say this to reduce the 50 inbound questions that are expected on this post. Yes, VOLTE is supported. Some features in our older releases are not included in this release, mainly because we could not wait any longer and didn't want to keep you guys waiting. More features will reappear in later releases.

What's going to be the roadmap?

Now that we officially have a solid base, no more rebasing lol. Development continues with the same base throughout Android versions and thanks to this, when Android O is released, nougat branches will remain for anyone who wants to go back to nougat. You know the little circle with ears? That's one of our logo's. Our main character. Previously his name was Cio (Don't know, ask Chris) but now her name is Luna. Luna Lovegood. If anyone watches harry potter, you'll know :P So Luna will be more than just a launcher, it will be a symbol and a whole system in itself. Right now some elements haven't been rebranded to Luna as of yet. This will be changed in the next release. There's so much to talk about, but it's better to install 3.6 and experience it yourself. We thank everyone who has had patience and has stuck with us for so long. You guys are the real MVPs! Also if you want to join the team, or become a maintainer for your device, we now have applications, where you can fill out a small form, submit it and it will be reviewed by the team. You can check these out at and Please know that applications can take up to 7 days for review

You know the drill, builds are still rolling out so be patience and keep checking for your device. As of now, we're giving a 72 Hour rollout, meaning it can take up to 72 Hours for your device to recieve the update. This is to ensure that we can get things done before 20 post a day show up about why their device hasn't recieved the update. With that being said #StayGreat and #StayClean

Get your builds at:


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Potato life

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Made another short animation and this time I actually figured out how motion tweening works.

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CandyCons Update! v2.3.3

Finally redesigned the Samsung icons to the latest ones.


+1, Share, Enjoy!

Am I the only one who thinks new "Manage releases" page is super confusing in Developer console?

The second redesigned Samsung icons are on their way.
Took me long enough to start making them but better late then never, right? 😅

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Just trying Adobe Animate. Still figuring out how things work.
Meanwhile enjoy this short clip I made.

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Logo design I did for +Riccardo Busetti​​​​

Also fun fact: The 0s and 1s on the left stand for "B" when translated from binary.

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Materiox Beta VI
Monthly Update
30+ Icons

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