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Bob Salita

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When you need to sign up for 100's of API for testing, public test credentials are a Godsend.

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1. Designing APIs that are rich enough to auto-build apps. We'll need additional tooling; frameworks, next gen meta API descriptions, target descriptors, reverse engineering meta descriptors, language SDKs, user customization abilities via touch, voice, and crowdsourced skinning. The successfully  implemented app generators will give users an unprecedented ability to customize apps.

2. Mashability will become valued. APIs will be designed to interact with other APIs without coding. One approach will to create mashups by dragging and dropping API building blocks.

3. AI developers need open source champions. Normally more open, I expect Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to continue to covet their AI technologies. From their viewpoint, AI is expensive to develop, susceptible to reverse engineering, first to market is the perceived winning strategy.

4. APIs will need to incorporate the ability to process human interactions such as voice, speech, intent.
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