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David Pocivalnik

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these are the screenshots, #1 shows the scaleline in the map, and when i switch the tab in the tabset I still see the scale line (#2) (sorry, can't share the whole tab)

Hi, I'm using gwt-openlayers 0.9 with openlayers 2.11.
As I don't want the default controls (especially the PanZoomBar) I call mapOptions.removeDefaultControls(), this works just as expected.

Now I just want to add the "+" and "-" for zoom, I tried the following controls: ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomBox, but none of these seem to work, which ones do I have to add?

another problem is that I need to hide (like a vector) the ScaleLine (as it is drawn over other stuff when I switch tabs in my tabset), is there any way to achieve hiding of the ScaleLine?

thanks and BR

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the screenshot w/o any icons (left top should be visible), and near the center there should be a "balloon" tip, but you can only see the content "my html".

hi, first of all, great project! thanks for ur efforts. i added the latest gwt-openlayers dependency to my project and created some simple example that works fine, except that I don't see any resources (like images, css of gwt-ol components, ...) . I tried adding them from the demo.war (img, themes) to my project at the same level as my index.html file, but still nothing. what am I missing here?
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