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Similar to Elle King's popular song Exs and Ohs. 

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I haven't messed with ocerclocking/volting, but I have decided that my phone no longer needs to be rooted and have chosen not to root my Xperia Z5. Shout out to the +Android team for baking in features to the point where I no longer feel the need to do it myself.
My evolution using Android..
Get Android... 
Learn to root..
Learn to flash ROM..
become flashaholic flashing multiple ROMs per day crack flashing.
Never having the same ROM/setup for two days in a row
Want more power....
Flash a custom kernel.....
Too much battery being used
Now horsepower  is not so important.. Need more battery life...
Need to squeeze more battery life out of device
Tired of custom kernel stability(even when not OC/UC UV)
Stock kernel... custom ROM, rooted..
Tired of all the bugs and little nuisances in custom ROMS..
Stock rom, stock kernel... still rooted of course
Root?  I don't need root anymore..
Completely bone stock
The end...

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GOOG now showing as Alphabet Inc!

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BIG +Phandroid redesign just went live! It's looking great.

Want the news-only stream back? Just click "news" in the left sidebar. 

Congratulations to the guys and gals at Phandroid!

+Christopher Chavez +Rob Jackson 

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Awesome music! 

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Check this out! Super cool virtual assistant.

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Finishing up a great first week at +Sophos!

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So excited for #io15!

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You call this LTE, +AT&T​? I have unlimited data. Notice that the word unlimited is involved?

Why do people with 10GB data plans not get throttled until 10GB but I get throttled at 5? That doesn't sound very unlimited to me.

+T-Mobile​, help me out here. Do you find AT&T's throttling unfair?

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