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An Attactive Smile Makes a lasting Impression
An Attactive Smile Makes a lasting Impression

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General Dentistry: We make your Smile Beautiful & Healthy:

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Let Us Take Care Of You & Your Smiles:
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We provide cosmetic dental services at Smiles for Life Dental Group to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams. Our dentist, Dr. Goel, is skilled in cosmetic dentistry and is committed to helping you achieve the inviting, attractive smile you deserve. We welcome you to contact our dental office in Santa Clara, California to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and to schedule your personal consultation!

Dental Implant Restoration
Porcelain Veneers/Lumineers®
Teeth Whitening

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Root Canal Therapy - All You Need To Know
What is Root Canal Treatment?

People lose their tooth due to various reasons like decay or damages. With Root Canal treatment, you don't have to lose your tooth anymore. Instead of removing your tooth, Root Canal treatment saves and repairs your infected tooth. This treatment has now become quite popular most preferred by people because Root canal therapy is no more discomforting or painful. With advancements in Dental Care, Root Canal treatment is performed with absolute comfort.

In Root Canal Therapy, the infected or the damaged pulp of the tooth is removed. After which, the area is cleaned and disinfected, then it is filled and sealed. The pulp of the tooth gets affected due to reasons like the cavity, cracked tooth, etc., The term 'root canal' refers to cleaning the canals of the tooth's root. Also, the therapy includes the removal of cells and tissues that are infected, affecting your oral health. It takes care of everything that deteriorates the health of your teeth and gums.

What to Expect During the Treatment?
Your dentist will be the right person to check whether Root canal treatment can be performed on your tooth. It is during your consultation, your dentist will make a thorough check-up of your tooth. You will go through the following procedures during the Root Canal treatment:
> X-ray: The first step will be to take X-ray with which your dentist will be able to locate the decay in your tooth
> Anesthesia: Your affected tooth will be administered with Anesthesia to make you stay pain-free during the procedure
> Pulpectomy: This involves removal of the infected pulp.
> Filling: Gutta-percha material will be used to fill the area where the infected pulp has been removed. Then, cement is used to seal it off.
After Care - Root Canal Treatment
A treated tooth can last longer provided proper care is taken. It is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene like brushing twice a day and also flossing once in a day. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly. Better avoid hard foods that can damage your root canals.

At Smiles for Life Dental Group, we have experienced dentists who can perform Root Canal Treatment in Santa Clara. Our entire team is committed to providing you the best Dental Care.
If you are looking for Dentures in Santa Clara, Call us @ 408.241.6501
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