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"No one can personally investigate the vast array of issues facing the country. In terms of getting the right answers, the most important decision people make is choosing whom to trust. In politics, that typically means choosing a party, or at least a political coalition. If one party is systematically better at assessing the evidence than the other that's a huge deal."
What’s the liberal equivalent of climate denial?

"So the question, then, is for conservatives: on what major policies is the bulk of the Democratic Party establishment ignoring — or, Norquist-like, promising to ignore — the evidence? And if that behavior isn't as prevalent among Democrats, why is that?"

This is a balanced and thoughtful piece from +Ezra Klein (that mentions Professor Krugman) on why facts have such a liberal bias. Of course the facts do not have any bias, it is the people "interpreting" or willfully ignoring the facts.

To answer Ezra's question, is there a liberal equivalent of climate denial, the answer is clearly no.

To forestall some needless debate, let me mention (and you can go Google and check) that vaccine denial and GMO paranoia are equally prevalent among conservatives and liberals.

There is without a doubt a very very strong anti-Science faction in the republican party who hates and fears Science, Technology, and Progress.
Parties are supposed to tamp down on their base's worst instincts. The GOP is failing.
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Part of the reason the liberal party doesn't have the same problem with reality is that there's a pretty big difference between liberal and conservative worldviews. 

Long story short, conservatives value authority, in-group loyalty, and purity of ideology way more than liberals. The result is that the conservatives form a bloc, the liberals a coalition.

This means that if a portion of the conservative party has a big problem with some facet of reality (evolution for the Christians, climate change for the CEOs; or, one for the fundies and the other for the funders), and if the other group doesn't really care, then they'll both accept it, fold it in, and, boom, suddenly you have fundies trying to rationalize why God would never allow climate change while the Koch brothers pay for the Discovery Institute's legal battles.

But in the liberal party, we aren't willing to throw ourselves under the bus to support an ally's asinine beliefs. You have a problem with something? That sounds like your problem to me.

To put it another way. The liberal coalition might fail to do the right thing, but the conservative bloc can always accomplish the wrong thing.
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Jennifer Freeman

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GOP Wages War on Obama, Earth
source: The Newsosphere


The battle of the Republican Party against President Barack Obama continues, with the latest reports showing that the party now has their sights on who they call a frequent collaborator with the President, the planet Earth.

"This so-called 'Earth Day', with the selfish focus on this planet's treatment," said Sen. Mitch McConnell, "well, it smacks of Obama's long standing campaign to preserve his presidency just so he can selfishly make sure people are insured and prosperous. If we can concentrate our efforts on the elimination of Earth, Obama will have one less supporter."

Many members of the GOP have concluded that the planet has been "stingy" with its resources, particularly oil. "We know there is more oil to be had, but just like Obama, there is an evident refusal by Earth to compromise. And if we had our way, we would drain the planet of every last drop. We would also get rid of the word 'compromise'," said House Speaker John Boehner.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in with his thoughts.  "This 'climate change', with its increasingly destructive consequences, reminds me of a baby not getting his way and throwing a temper tantrum. And unlike when I do it, it's just childish behavior! Who does this Earth think it is, anyway?"

Sources in Congress are reporting that a committee is being formed as a contingency to what they call "a dire future for America". The World Termination Foundation, or WTF, aims to destroy the image of the planet, thereby severing another link to Obama, in hopes of securing a Republican presidency in 2016.

"And of course," Boehner added, "keeping their best interests in mind, we are counting on the American people to pay for it..."

In other news, many at Fox News deny the disrespectful, possibly racist treatment of Obama as president.  "He is the best treated African-American president in history," said host Eric Bolling. 
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Most people from "Earth" don't even have a valid American long form birth certificate.
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Via +Gwenny Todd

Yep, too bad.
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"If the majority of women who vote for Democrats are young, single and black or brown, how can anyone say the war on women was a legitimate issue?" Yep, according to Republicans, only white women's votes should be used as the standard to determine if the war on women counts.
Seemingly every time they talk about the Obama coalition, conservative dolts reveal a disturbing bias. Here's why.
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David Gregory is a wimp ass journalist. Give me Tim Russert back 
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In a landmark decision, the Court declared on Tuesday that lying by politicians is protected by the First Amendment.
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However lying by corporations is good business.
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Via +peter k
@joanwalsh captures something very important here about the difference between liberal and conservative views of government corruption.

It's not that (non-politician) liberals disagree with conservatives about the fact that our government is corrupt. It's that we have a fundamental disagreement about how to address the problem.

Liberals believe the issue is class/money and the solution is transparency.

Conservatives believe the issue is big government and the solution is States' rights.

I don't know if the liberals are wrong, but I'm 100% certain that the conservative solution is flawed, because State governments can be just as corrupted (if not more so) as the federal government. There's already been a huge move over the last 20+ years to influence state governments from out of state. Following the "States' rights" path is going to take you right into the belly of the beast as your local government gets corrupted by people who don't even live there. Never mind that States are already playing the big government game and limiting towns, cities, and local entrepreneurs in order to protect the corporations who fund their elections.

At the State level or the federal level, so long as invisible (or even visible) money controls the puppets, you're just as screwed.

Personally, I think we're better off banding together at the federal level and taking the power brokers head on. State power is a distraction, unless you seriously want to start a Civil War, and take us all down in flames.

"Now, I seriously doubt that Cliven Bundy and his pals have read this report, or Elizabeth Warren’s soon-to-be-released book. And I further doubt you’d be able to persuade them to focus on class and accountability rather than big government and states’ rights. But even if the Bundy bunch don’t care about inequality, the radical right-wing populism they represent wouldn’t be so appealing to so many Americans if they, too, didn’t believe that on a fundamental level the game was rigged and the government wasn’t on the up-and-up. So long as America is an oligarchy run by insiders like Larry Summers, the pull of angry and populist libertarianism will not slacken and the view of the federal government as an alien usurper will not fade. Cliven Bundy is just the beginning."
As our democracy continues to crumble, here's why anti-government zealots are gaining more attention -- and favor
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Republicans seem to cater to the kids that never mastered kindergarten. 

They seem to have never learned to share, to work and play well with others, or even to tell the truth. It boils down to this: Republicans are borderline sociopaths. What is really interesting, is that by encouraging the kind of "I've got mine, screw you" philosophy that reinforces the selfishness of their constituency, they have created a Tea Party that is so selfish and antisocial that it can't even work with the rest of the conservative movement. If you are curious why they still have any support at all, look at the values they are teaching the youth of America in order to continue to reinforce their constituency.
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Good read.
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quote: No one wants to mess with the big hedge funds and private equity firms. After all, any one of them could buy up The New York Times in a heartbeat and turn it into a cooking magazine. And, I can tell you from personal experience these guys are touchy — when first writing about the John Paulson Abacus deal, his lawyers threatened to sue me.

They don’t want the public to know how they earn their money. They want us to continue to believe that they are just smarter than the rest of us — that they earn it fair and square — and are shrewd risk takers whose work makes America great. To smooth it all over, they donate wings to public libraries, endow chairs at universities and even donate to environmental causes. And, of course, they’re not shy about buying political influence from both political parties.

All of this is because they fear we will ask the most fundamental question: How much value do they really produce for the US economy?
In their heart of hearts, they know the answer — not much.
Hedge funders make billions, not millions, and they do it not by running businesses, but by siphoning wealth away from companies, consumers, students and governments.
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The carried interest tax dodge for fund managers really needs to be revoked.
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