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I shouldn't have been, but I found myself surprised at the white pushback I’ve seen to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, either you haven't read any comments on news articles or visited Twitter.) Why an African American Museum? I hear. (Um, because these stories need to be told.) Where’s the White Museum? I hear. (Um, how about every other museum there ...
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Jennifer Freeman

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And they do cite sources.

Here’s a helpful guide to the top 10 myths you may have heard about Hillary Clinton — to help you vote based on facts come November 8.
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I heard she once told the truth, once, but I'm betting that's a myth.
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Jennifer Freeman

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Jennifer Freeman

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Healthcare Triage News: Someone Give That Baby Peanut Protein! Also, Wearables Alone Don’t Lead to Weight Loss
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Jennifer Freeman

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A good read. Via +John Brockman
Confessions of a former Neo-Confederate.
Who believes slavery wasn’t really that bad? I did.
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Jennifer Freeman

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I like the comment that states that criminals who buy guns illegally aren't still gun company customers.
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Seems legit.
STOMACH: You should go eat a snack.

ME: Why? I'm not hungry?

STOMACH: Yeah, but you gotta.

ME: But why? I just ate lunch an-

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Jennifer Freeman

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America is so polarized that a cardboard cutout with an “R” on it would get about 43 percent of the vote, and one with a “D” would get about the same.
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"I come in peace. Take me to your lizard."
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computer scientist, ex-university instructor, sci-fi/fantasy reader, geek, living with dopa-responsive dystonia, ex-genetic algorithms researcher, cat-person, lizard- and ferret-friendly, quilter, knitter, tatter, occasional backyard bird-watcher, ex-equestrian, cheezy-movie lover, big fan of the correct use of grammar and punctuation and spelling, casual student of many fields, more-or-less liberal, more-or-less atheist, ultimate Puzzle Pirates' bilger, lover of snark and sarcasm, chocoholic,  RPGer, introvert, devour-er of Discworld novels,  etc. etc. etc

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My public posting mostly falls under the category of "Links to News Jennifer Finds Interesting".  Lately, my interest has gravitated to the US dysfunctional political system, theories of economics, and the state and future of US healthcare, with occasional lapses into educational reform, new scientific discoveries, jokes about grammar and spelling, and atheism vs. religions. 
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