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Very interesting. Probably should become part of the debate terminology.
Levels of discrimination - interesting

H/t +Ron Echeverri
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Good work by +Ben Casselman at 538 on long term unemployed. Hoping to see a piece on #Infrastructure soon.
One characteristic distinguishes the long-term unemployed from the rest of America's jobless. It isn’t how many hours they worked at their old job, or what industry they came from, or even their le...
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Jennifer Freeman

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Via +Yonatan Zunger
Amazon the corporate entity doesn't actually produce a guide for dealing drugs, but its purchase-recommendation algorithm sure seems to have done just that. 
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True dat.

Via +fan tai
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Simple enough, it would seem.

Via +John Brockman
Right-wing radicals linked to lethal violence
On the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, Rachel Maddow discusses how right-wing extremists have carried out more domestic terror attacks than jihadists since September 11th.
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+Gary Tivey Punk is the opposite of having an agenda.
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The food company General Mills added language to its website to alert customers that they cannot take legal action against the company if they download coupons, enter a contest or connect with it in other ways.
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They can claim that all they want, but there's no contract, and I don't think that would stand up in court.

But nevermind that; it's a bigger problem that people can't form class actions anymore.  The average individual customer doesn't have the financial resources to take on General Mills anyway.
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Jennifer Freeman

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My chocolate bunny's ears did not survive 'til Easter this year. Again.
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What chocolate bunny? I don't see any chocolate bunny! (wipes mouth quickly)
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A Nebraska elementary school just sent home a pamphlet describing some Rules regarding the appropriate way for a bullied child to respond to bullying. Here's the article:

The article has a link to the first few, which include the time-honored anti-bullying techniques like not defending yourself (verbally or physically), not telling adults about the bullying, and best of all, agreeing when a bully attacks you.

Naturally, everyone reading this is silently nodding their heads in agreement. Surely there can be no better way to grow up well adjusted than to silently and gratefully swallow whatever abuse (emotional or physical) is heaped upon you, secure in the knowledge that no one can help you, or in fact cares enough about your situation to even feign interest to your problems.

For those people, I've found the Rules on the pamphlet not mentioned in the article. This way, parents at home can make a complete list, and maybe post it on the fridge at home, or suggest it to your children's Sunday School teacher.

Rule 10: Consider offering your pocket change or valuable belongings to a bully.  If you give him valuable possessions, he may consider no longer bullying you.

Rule 11: If the bullying gets too difficult to handle, consider doing yourself harm.  A bully may have sympathy for you if you're hurt or disfigured.

Rule 12: If you see another child being bullied, remember to always side with the bully. Bullies enjoy "showing off." An appreciative audience is an un-bullied audience.

Rule 13: If you're being bullied, consider not acting like such a little pussy. Bullies only pick on those who are inherently less valuable to society.

Rule 14: Remember, you may have to deal with your bully all throughout your life, so you may as well get used to it now.

Rule 15: Keep bullying secret, regardless of the source.  Think of yourself like a spy, or superhero.  When James Bond or Spider-Man get beat up or called nasty names, do they complain? Of course not. Treat being bullied like a secret identity, keep it secret, so others aren't troubled with it.

Good luck, next generation. Your caretakers have already given the fuck up on you.

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I was the coordinator for a program called Kids on the Block for several years. I lead a troupe of high school volunteers who traveled to elementary schools and taught the children how to treat children with disabilities and about bullying. The information we passed on was provided by a team of experts. We taught schools about being bully free zones and how the children should stand in unity against bullying; how they should tell an adult; we even had occasions when local officers came to the schools and told the children how bullying was wrong and some of the legal consequences of being a bully. Encouraging and empowering bullies is wrong and dangerous. ..PERIOD! Anyone interested in this wonderful international program can go to
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Jennifer Freeman

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<giggle> math AND grammar/spelling joke rolled into one!
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Jennifer Freeman

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Via +peter k
And frankly, that's mostly George's fault...
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At least you'll know for sure who shot first.
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