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Darrel Axtell
Glass is half full more then half the time.
Glass is half full more then half the time.

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Since the government prints currency which is not based on any standard. Is it morally acceptable for a citizen to print the same currency? If so would the quality of currency have to be the same?
My position on this topic is that it is Illegal to counterfeit so it must be wrong.

Disappointed because Galaxy S7 edge won't make Allo a default messaging app.

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Send your dildos to:

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
36391 Sodhouse Lane
Princeton, Oregon 97721

A handy Amazon Prime link in case you're not sure where to find dildos:

Over the past three or four weeks I have been arguing that Brock (who I really like) is not quite as good as Manning. They quoted all sorts of stats except wins. We stayed on top of the AFC west with Manning, as ugly as it was. Brock will be my super-hero next year. Thanks to manning this year. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

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