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Love it

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"Watch Films not Movies"

When the New York International Latino Film Festival wanted to get their point across that movies and films are drastically different, they worked with Wing Agency in New York to create some hilarious posters that make fun of movies. Simply put, they made movie clichés, graphs and charts that show actions or ideas which are expected or predictable, based on our prior experiences.
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interesting thoughts for those of us with tiny kiddos!

i'm a big fan of the Spotify app. I've always wanted something to let me listen to whole albums before I buy them, and the free version lets me do that. Nice to preview if the album is worth it, or if that single is the only good song!

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G+ doesn't have the concept of a wall like facebook does. Kinda limits the ability to give people a hard time by posting things on their wall for all to see. With g+, it is more like i post something on my own wall and hope the person walks by and sees it.

Not quite the same....

Interesting thing about google+ is there are so few public posts. A lot different from the all public everything on Facebook!
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