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Lady Destiny MoonChild
A writer and explorer of the magickal world
A writer and explorer of the magickal world

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Here is a fun craft to do. What are other way you like to mark your herbs in your garden?
~*Pagan Mom*~

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Just did a card reading for someone over the phone. I am often surprised at how fulfilling those make me feel after I do it. 

I have done a lot over the years and go into it with confidence and sureness in my gift. Still it it always a unique experience for each reading I am blessed to do. 

I walk away feeling like I gave them the message their higher power wanted to be given. I feel like though it only takes an hour that I was able to offer some help in the unknown questions they have. 

Would like to do more of them.


So...writing has gone a bit slower then I wanted it to. Why does life get in the way of my creative thought?


Just opened a google+ page for The Element of Magick. A page I have been running on facebook and now a website and many other social networking sites. Give us a look!


Hello all! I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Destiny and I am a writer. I am working on my first of many books at the moment and I am so excited about it. Thank you for adding me to the community. I sure look forward to reading what you all have to share and sharing with you all my writings as well. Have an amazing day. Blessed Be

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