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Tips to Launch a Career as an Engineer in Motorsport
For this post, I’d like to take the opportunity to reach out and put
forth my advice for aspiring engineers, especially those seeking to get into
motorsport.  The price of winning is always the reduction, if not the elimination of playtime.  However, since ...

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The Academy in Monaco
Ahead of one of the most prestigious races on the calendar, I thought I'd send out a quick post!  It's been a while, and I've been working hard on a long post about my recommendations for becoming a successful engineer in motorsport.  Look for that to publi...

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Testing and the Leadup to Melbourne
So let’s get back to talking about F1, shall we? Years ago, testing of F1 cars was able to be conducted at
will and throughout the season at locations of the team’s choosing.   In 2008, in an effort to control the
ever-apparent issue of costs, the Formula O...

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Work Hard, Play Hard
Greetings from Abu Dhabi!  (Well
sort of.  I wrote this and meant to post
earlier!)  I arrived here Sunday and have
been granted an incredible opportunity to work with our junior driver
development in GP2, one of the main feeder series for Formula 1.  I’ll ...

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Welcome to the 2015 IPEA
If you asked me a year ago where I’d be today, there’s no
way I would have even thought to suggest living in the United Kingdom and
working in Formula One.     When I found out about the Infiniti Performance Engineering
Academy late last March, I knew I had...

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Back in Milton Keynes with all of my precious gifts and
American beer intact, the first thing I had to do after work on Monday was hang
up this beauty. 'Murica This was another gift from my parents.  It’s funny, the things you want when you move
abroad!  Yo...

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No Place Like Home
Well, it’s been a while! 
I got caught up in the holiday and took some time off, being a bit lazy
at getting back to this.  I suppose you
could call it the off-season for my writing. 
But it’s definitely been an exciting time as of late! Jumping back for a ...

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Heading Home for the Holidays!
Last weekend, a surprise delivery came in the mail from my
parents.  Inside were some awesome gifts
for all three of us!  My mom made some personalized
Christmas stockings with candy and New Jersey lottery tickets, and the best
part of the candy was some Je...

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Wrapping Up
As I said in my last post, Seb is off to Ferrari.  But before leaving completely, the team had
one last hurrah for him at the factory. 
You can see the great guy that Vettel is when he lets his guard
down.  as speeches were delivered from
Adrian and Christi...

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End of the First F1 Season and a 6-Legged Thanksgiving
The weekend following Hope’s visit, it was time for the last
grand prix of the season in Abu Dhabi.  A
culturally rich city that’s also on the top of my list to visit, Abu Dhabi and
the Yas Marina circuit hosts the second of two races during the F1 calendar...
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