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George A. Polisner
Vegetarian socio-economic justice activist working to improve the quality and dignity of life.
Vegetarian socio-economic justice activist working to improve the quality and dignity of life.

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The launch of
We believe that our society is intentionally divided into political teams, polarized and paralyzed. We see a wave of negative political ads, corruption and we simply tune out -we disenfranchise ourselves. We see government -not as us or people that represen...

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends
As we struggle with an effective way forward there are critical areas I will be working to address -and am happy to collaborate with all that believe as I do (regardless of political ideology) -that the incoming Executive Branch represents a clear and prese...

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Wake the f*ck up America ...
With the CIA report about Russia hacking both Democrats and Republican servers (but only releasing Hillary/Democrats email), Trump imploring Russia to hack Hillary's emails, Trump's former campaign chair Paul Manafort's ties to Russia and reporting of Trump...

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Election 2016 -The Autopsy Report
The biggest failure I see is the continuing lack of resources for a sustaining engine for progressives/liberals. We have never developed a well-funded counter to the Lewis Powell memo -which built and continues to provide the engine for the GOP political ma...

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Democratic Courage
Since 2003 I've been imploring  progressive Democrats to produce a brief media piece that reclaims the values we share. We have allowed the right wing to frame us as "weak". The reality is -we are not frightened of democracy -we encourage voting (as we've d...

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Vote to Defend
It's pure mathematics at this point -as described by Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis. You are either voting to preserve hard fought progressive wins dating back to and including the New Deal -or you are voting to blow up America. And when you blow America up ...

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Indivisible We Are Invincible
I often consider America’s  future and how far apart so many Americans are -whether it is Trump vs Hillary, GOP vs Dems, Greens, Libertarians -I thought it important to weigh in with my observations. We seem to have lost our way. We argue vehemently for Tru...

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Love Trumps Hate
I do think if people would take the time to share the context of their lives with others -we would understand we all want and need similar things. Life is a struggle (for almost all) in varying degrees -based upon privilege, eco nomic standing, geography, g...

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Violently Sick America
The closing written for Furious George, Episode 17: Violently Sick America: This program isn't about "Making America Great Again" or "Keeping America Great". The reality is we have had great potential from our flawed beginning to become a beacon of hope for...

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2015 recedes. Central Oregon Coast-Style. Wishing everyone a peaceful, loving and happy 2016 year ahead. 
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