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my fears are: the dark, enclosed spaces, drowning, mirrors, bees
my obsessions: debate, piano, violin, quantum physics, constitutional law
my looks: black hair, pale skin, dark brown eyes
my personality: pessimistic, quiet, direct, honest, analytical, introverted (VERY)
my weapons of choice: throwing knives (not that i'd be good at it)
my supernatural power of choice: turning invisible
my fatal flaw: bottling up anger & keeping my feelings hidden (which is weird bc i'm honest, but idk)
my sport: tennis, but i'm not very good. i suck at sports in general
favorite animal: cheetah
favorite color: silver
What do you guys think?

I've green eyes and blonde hair.

I like swimming but I'm bad in doing it. I mean, I love being in the water but I can't swim.

I realy want to fly, but I think everybody wants to do that.

I hate talking (but I've no problem with people who talk to me if I don't have to talk back)

I'm shy when I don't know people, but I'm insane and crazy if you know me. I prefere being alone, not around peole.

I don't like any sports exept for running and long jumping

I love animals (especially snakes and mices), reading and painting or being in the internet.

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Chapter 12 Debbie Dong Cloak Girl leads me through the doorway and into a new, more modern-looking room. It is almost completely white, and I have to shield my eyes from the bright glow. Once my eyes have sufficiently adjusted, I take in all the details. ...

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I just found out why this worked for me but most people said it didn't work. It's because I shared it to a community. So I was amazed, but then everyone was like "I don't get it", and I didn't understand why until I wanted to see it again, so I shared it again, this time to Public, and it didn't happen that time, so I shared it privately with a friend of mine and still nothing happened, then all it made sense. I read the comments on the original post, and most of the people were unimpressed but a few were all "Oh My God!!!" because most of them were sharing it publicly and privately, and it doesn't work if you do that. So you know that now.

dying is the #1 virtue of life.
+1 if you agree.
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