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Musings on Personal Evolution
In a different life I wrote my MFA thesis about discovering myself as a person. It was, it still is, a collection of short stories - "a novel of publishable length," was the requirement. I called it Skins . The stories are about the personalities I flowed t...

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Activism in the Bluegrass State - #AskBevinAboutMyVag
Bridget Kelly's happy uteri - obviously in a Bevin-less KY government Recently I had the pleasure of dropping into Louisville's Mama's Hip during Crafternoon. This happens most Saturdays at the shop and community space, owned by Shannon Stone Porter - an al...

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Read On: The Sorcery Code
I'm pretty much a nerd about stories that fall into the magical fantasy genre and when I was asked to review The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales which is billed as a, " captivating tale of intrigue, love, and danger in a world where sorcery is entwined with scie...

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Mothxr Lover
Something you may not know about me because I write about my kids so much is that I am a three-alarm, freak level lover of music. I dread seemingly innocuous questions like - what's your favorite band? My palms get all sweaty, I start chewing on my lip, and...

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An Impassioned Plea
Earlier this week there was a bomb threat at a Jewish preschool, at which my best friend happens to be the Director. My first thought was - What. The. Entire. Fuck. Then I thought - I'm so glad they are all fine. Next I thought this (I'm about to get a litt...

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Barbie Bodies
I've taken a pretty firm stand with my family regarding Barbie gifting to my daughter - when she gets to that age - and that stand has been: please don't. But I have to say, I'm changing my tune a bit with the introduction of different body types to the Bar...

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Learning to Love Lazy
These first winter weekends of the year have been very low key for us. In fact, you could say, down right lazy. And I kind of love it. I'm an expert at relaxing. Many times I've thought I should be one of those people who are always running around accomplis...

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Taking A Moment For Dr. King
We try and do screen free Sundays. The kids are screen free Mon-Fri afternoon, but on Sunday Hill and I put away the phones and we have a big old family bonding fest. We do TRY. Some days by 3:00 I am wrapping my son's hot little hand around the remote cont...

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Cursing Kids
Sailor Lo Not too long ago my family was sitting at the dinner table with my parents, who were visiting, enjoying some delivered pizza when my two-year-old knocked over her sippy cup. Without hesitation she spit out, "deezuz tiest!" While righting her cup, ...

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Simple Here We Come
The kids just playing in the tub, occupying themselves, while I sip some Thursday night wine. We recently downsized from a full on diaper bag to a little preschool sized backpack. We keep a diaper or two, wipes, a spare pair of leggings and a spare set of u...
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