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BOOOO!!!  Ipad mini sucks!  The price is terrible!  WTH!  Also feel bad for the people who just recently bought 3rd generation Ipads and get the announcement on the new 4th Gen Ipad coming out at the end of this year!  WTF?  On a lighter note I'm in LOVE with the new Imac!  Sorry Brent!  ;)
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true, 6 months & already new iPad is annoying for Apple buyer, but compared to constant weekly new specs on PC/android world. seems ok, apple had to do it (see above, constant new specs) or they'd fall behind.
Still think this is WAY to much to do, an upgrade this fast in a year.  But I'm sure the general public will brush it off like normal.  
not really, actually rather unusual for apple crowd. if anything they get somewhat concerned over monthly android updates vs 1 year. & not sure what Dell like anymore, since few years since bought one, but they got somewhat annoying, as felt updates daily. I say felt, as never really clear what was latest, kept it all vague depending on what URL, catalog, store, special. so I do admire apple keep it simple. if anything they are being too vague with this. visit site, they are not rally promoting beyond meeting today.
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