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Ok - so while, apparently, this may provide incentives to social workers to work to keep families together and/or children with kin, it doesn't address the MAIN PROBLEM ---- because NC HAS FAIR LAWS - IT DEMANDS THAT CHILDREN BE PLACED WITH WILLING KIN WHEN PARENTS ARE UNABLE TO CARE - or need help. HOWEVER so long as caseworkers have ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for fabricating evidence against willing kin - and parents, they will do it when they decide it's convenient or suits their agenda ------ I'm glad that they use the term "Trauma-informed" -- but that is not specifically defined here --
CPS would likely interpret treatment as drugging - like they do now - because medicaid doesn't really pay for the benign, less toxic and more effective treatments for trauma like those recommended by van der Kolk and others - like neurofeedback, EMDR, trauma-sensitive yoga - hyperbaric oxygen and others that don't cognitively shut down children's brains.

and this part:
"States must maintain a prevention plan for the child to remain safely at home or live with a kin caregiver that lists the services or programs to be provided."

THIS IS ALREADY IN THE LAW!!! but it's bs. Caseworkers who don't want to mess with it make up a plan that is impossible for parents to do - like take parenting classes that DON'T EXIST - - and then hold the parent responsible for not taking them.

This law doesn't address the fact that the REAL PROBLEM is that social workers DON'T, and DON'T HAVE to, OBEY the LAW ---- they are IMMUNE to any prosecution or civil damages when they DO NOT - I KNOW - I filed a police report against a caseworker who committed fraud and perjury (a felony on the same level as child abduction), and the police IGNORED IT. For filing the police report, I, not the caseworker, faced consequences. CPS with the Immune Judge's help --- RETALIATED and accused me of an absolutely criminally FALSE, charge - then BROKE THE LAW AGAIN AND FAILED TO GIVE ME THE legally REQUIRED NOTIFICATION AND HEARING ON THAT ACCUSATION. (7B-320-323)

So, my question is -- what good are laws - if CPS and the State and Judges do NOT have to follow them???? When they face no consequences, criminal or civil when they take children without following the laws? Our legislature needs to address the fallacy of absolute immunity for caseworkers (acting in what is called their quasi-prosecutorial roles and judges when they don't follow the law and violate constitutional rights to due process, especially considering the gravity of child removals and the life-long traumatic effect upon those separated children and their families.
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