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Why Things Seem So Crazy...
So many puzzle pieces are falling into place in my mind all at
once… Kellyanne Conway has referred to “alternative facts”.  She also refers
to the “Bowling Green Massacre”, which never happened.  Sean Spicer refers
to an Iraqi attack on a US Warship... whic...

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The gift of cash
I've always felt like I was cheating when I gave someone cash for a gift, and the same for gift cards.  So I generally try to stay away from gifts like that.  Sometimes, though, a person specifically requests a gift card or cash in order to help buy a speci...

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Today I pulled the last staples from a box of 5000 and slid them into my red Aceliner model 502 stapler (it’s a beaut, le tme tell you!). This simple act has led me to entertain reflections upon my mortality.  Though the declining light and falling leaves a...

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Today a colleague who is originally from Jordan used a phrase I'd never heard before - "snake stories have no end". Apparently, the phrase has two meanings. First, there's the more literal meaning. Everyone has a snake story, so if you start telling snak...

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Christmas come early!
I finally managed to buy a German Weihnachtspyramide (Christmas Pyramid, or Christmas Carousel) on  eBay for less than $100!  Actually it was less than $40, including shipping. It needed lots of careful work to remove the dust without busting it up.  Unfort...

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Turf troubles
I received an email today informing me that, because of the rain, the soccer gods were moving my daughter’s soccer match to the “turf field”.  My first though was “Well, that’s dumb, the turf field will be all muddy.  They should move to the artificial turf...

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Reinheitsgebot... why?!
Reinheitsgebot - holding back the development of more-interesting German beers for 500 years.   This Bavarian beer law , enacted on April 23rd, 1516 restricted beer ingredients to Water, Barley and Hops.  With growing scientific knowledge, Yeast was also ad...

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Now are the witches...
It’s official - the Swedish are all lunatics. Maybe it’s the long nights in winter, or the long days in summer.  Maybe it’s the jealously of being so close to Norway, but not actually being Norway.  Who knows?  But they're definitely off their collective ro...

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More Milwaukee Echoes
It has been noted that the recently revealed plans for the new Milwaukee Bucks Arena dramatically echo the much tinier Bel Air Cantina.   Looking at the pics below, I'd have to agree!  This is getting kinda creepy!  I wonder if the effect is caused by the  ...

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Bravely Mangled
Is it just me, or does the Ballad of Brave Sir Robin owe something to the song Tipperary Far Away? Check out the videos below which should start at the points I find similar: The Ballad of Brave Sir Robin (at about the 50 seconds point) Tipperary Far Away b...
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