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Creative Slumps in Digital Music Production, and How to Combat Them.
How to get out of a creative slump in Electronic Music Production Create The Ultimate Disco Course in Ableton  The Ultimate Disco House Course For Ableton. Click Above Making music in a digital form whilst sat at a computer is more often than not a very lon...

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Ableton Disco Course £10
Grab a full two and a half hour Disco course designed strictly for Ableton Live. Designed by RobJamWeb this course offers you an insight into the fundamentals of producing 5 sub genres of Disco based dance music. For only ten pounds you can have unlimited t...

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I Gemin Returns
I Gemin " 2 Tha People" ISM Records have a great history of putting out solid releases with a constant flow, and this pattern has continued with the new release from I Gemin. Here we have two great Funky tracks for your Summer parties that will no doubt put...

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The Mood is Hot
Hot Mood Grooves Volume 1 This April sees the release of Grooves Volume one by Hot Moods. This comes in the form of a 4 track ep full of pure soulful funky delights. Track one kicks off with "Funjazoul" A mid tempo lick that has a nice build up groove full ...

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Masterworks Electric Release
Electrical Nights Review By Pete Hully The Electrical Nights EP sees Masterworks assemble
four producers to channel the refined decadence of 1980’s society.   On ‘Muzik’, Mike Woods lends his talents to
Imagination’s ‘Music and Lights’.  With
judicious use ...

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Looking Back At Crydamoure
Crydamoure Records (1997-2003) As the 20th century entered its final few years and crossed over into a new millennium, a certain sound began to emerge from France that had a much looser and dirtier sound to it than the more cleaner Disco based House music s...

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Rave On With The Generator
 (Free VST Synth That Takes The Hassle Out Of Sampling The Classics) Ever wanted to have a VST synth that acts like a sampler and gives you all the best Techno & Rave samples all in key and in one bank? then look no further. This has been around for a few y...

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Hi everyone, I have created a different demo altogether today. just thought i would promote this great vst for both mac and windows. its excellent if you fancy a touch of the old skool. enjoy.

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Six of The Best House Music Piano Riffs
Dance Music may have gone through many different fads over its 30 plus years now, and as it has since established itself as a powerful force within the world of popular Music, there is one element that keeps on coming back round after all the fads have fade...

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Alpaca Edits Review
C DA AFRO  LOVE ATTACK  ALPACA EDITS 2017 Alpaca Edits have struck out with yet another fine display of hot Synth Funk and slick soulful sounds. Coming straight out of the early 80's Boogie scene for the first track which has used Chic's vocalist Norma Jean...
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