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In my personal experience, writing poems has been challenging, but this poem was different. In this poem, Venetcia's emotions and experiences drove the poem and this helped make the poem stronger. This poem is composed entirely of Venetcia's word about what...

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Future Directions
When I met with Dr. Cook, this is how she mapped out my final paper. I think the most interesting part of this paper will be my experiences with high school sports versus Venetcia's. During my interview with Venetcia she told me a lot about what sports were...

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Establishing Rapport
When I sat down to complete my first interview with Venetcia
Ortiz, I felt comfortable and confident because I met her on my first day of
classes at Rhode Island College. I sat down with her and when I began the
interview I realized that I was a little nerv...

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Overcoming the Big Obstacle: A Slight Topic Change
A month ago I wanted to investigate the ways in which
athletic directors and trainers make athletics possible at Rhode Island College
but since then I have changed my topic. I have spent all of my time at the
Student Athlete Success Center and I took both s...

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Mind Map

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Questioning My Fieldnotes #2
second time I went to my field site I decided to go at night instead of going
in the afternoon. I went to the Student Athlete Success Center on October 22 nd at 6:50 pm. What surprised me?   The thing that
surprised me the most was something that I noti...

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An Open Heart and An Open Mind: New Positions
In the beginning I focused my subculture with the athletes
of Rhode Island College instead of focusing on the people in the Athletic Department. Fixed Positions: Now that I have focused on the people in the Athletic
Department I do have biases. My age is so...

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Analysis of the Digital Landscape
With a focus of Rhode Island College Athletic Department as
my subculture, I decided to look at the other subcultures of different colleges
and universities in New England. The colleges I looked at were New England
College, University of Massachusetts, Conn...

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Questioning My Fieldnotes
week for five hours since the start of school I have gone to The Student
Athlete Success Center, and I'm so surprised at how much I have never
noticed.  It's
amazing how I have spent so much time there and never realized simple details.
When I was at ...
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