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Howard Hill
Balearic DJ Howard Hill
Balearic DJ Howard Hill

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No Accounting For Taste?
fascinated by musical taste and its diversity. Why will certain pieces of music
move one person to ecstasy while another may be nonplussed or even irritated by
it. Many years
ago a girl friend of mine, I think out of her concern over my new-found

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My latest mix. Enjoy ;-)

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DJ’s Getting It Wrong
Being a DJ is much like any other profession in that when a
group of them get together the conversation can very easily slide into
complaints about “Them and us”. The gigs we
played that would have been marvellous if only the management hadn’t provided
us w...

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Enjoy - my latest mix ;-)

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Tales from the summer in Ibiza
Over the summer season in Ibiza I meet hundreds of visitors
to the island. Often, because I’m playing, my conversations are rather limited
but sometimes just observing people leaves a lasting impression. One beachside venue I play seems to be a particular

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Where do you get your
music from? “Where do you get your music from?” is a question I am often
asked. Of course the answer is that it comes from a wide variety of sources:
hearing other DJ’s play stuff, being sent it by friendly labels,
recommendations from...

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I'd like to teach the world to sing....Balearic
Recently I found myself saying to a friend that I have a new
ambition – to introduce the world to the Balearic musical vibe. I’m not really
sure how this could happen, but ever since saying it I’ve felt a growing sense
of excitement. Ibiza was not the start...

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Lost in Translation - the latest edition of Diary of  DJ

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Lost In Translation
I am rather ashamed to say that, after two years living in
Spain, my grasp of the language is progressing at a glacial pace. However, it
seems that I’m not alone amongst expats and periodically this can lead to some
interesting misunderstanding. Every coupl...
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