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How Mobile Technology Has Helped the World
Mobile Technology on Improving the World Mobile technology is becoming the trend of the world. More
and more people have become subscribers of cellular phones. No simply sellular
complaints because the world needs mobile phones to improve. Education Cell ph...

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Samsung Galaxy SIII, My Own Personal Bet
Lately, I’ve been thinking of buying a smartphone.
Not for the reason that it’s a trend or fashion nowadays, but for the mere fact
that it has become a necessity. Having to work in a fast-paced environment, I
find it convenient to have one of these cheap ce...

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The iPhone is Still on Number 1
Apple within the span of six year has brought a
sea change in the mobile phone industry. The premier mobile phone company did
this by bringing out one after the other its line of iPhones that are
undoubtedly in a class and league of its own. It is technolog...

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Howto #JailBreak  the iPhone

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Every parent should still consider the safety of their kids when owning and using a mobile device. What are the things parents should consider before buying their kids cell phones? #SimplySellularComplaints

feels like Monday! 

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first day on job! feeling great.

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iPhone 5S tips on how to maximize battery life
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