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Matt Godbolt
Geek; programmer; Dad of 2; British but lives in Chicago
Geek; programmer; Dad of 2; British but lives in Chicago

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So...I did a podcast - haven't listened to how terrible I sound, but it was a lot of fun to record! Huge thanks to Elecia and Christopher for having me on!

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Thanks for the awesome shout-out! :)

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Amazing to be mentioned here! Thanks Google!

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Been a while since any updates here. Most announcements I send from my personal twitter account (@mattgodbolt). That said, over the last few weeks I've added a ton of new compilers, including a GCC 7 snapshot. I've also been working on a whole new UI - below is a screenshot of this work-in-progress change. Hoping to beta this within the next week or two: watch this space!

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Really lovely to see these games all together so nicely!
Every BBC Micro game ever! Except a few, probably. Not only with info and disk images, but also direct links to play in your browser (using jsbeeb.)
via the StarDot forums, specifically this sub-forum:

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This week, we split Acorn's Atom: the simple 1MHz machine with no custom chips, launched in 1979 with just 2k RAM and for as little as £120 in kit form, for a machine with a proper keyboard and case, and 40 column text or four colour graphics. The machine was adopted by the Dutch magazine Hob-Bit and renamed accordingly, and still has a strong following in the Netherlands - in fact there's an Atomic Techsat coming up, on Saturday June 18th. The machine was pretty open, using no custom chips, with popular upgrades for RAM, video and ROM. These days you can run your Atom with 32k RAM and 80 column text - even fit a SID emulation or a Tube interface and run CP/M on a Z80 coprocessor.

Here we showcase some expansions - see
and the text at

see also

via stardot forums, where people have 80-column text, improved graphics drawing commands and SID emulation on FPGA, and organise the occasional Atom TechSat.

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All you ever wanted to know about ODR but were scared to ask

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Do you want a 150MHz 6502 second processor for your Beeb? Get a Raspberry Pi and head over to Stardot, where an ARM assembly language emulator has been optimised from a couple of MHz up to 150. Of course the Pi can also act as an ARM copro and will surely also support an x86 emulation in due course. The 6502 adventure starts about page 6 of this thread:

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Latest update to GCC Explorer. Not only have I splashed out on a faster VM to run it on, it now can compile to binary and disassemble. That means NOP alignment and other trickery like LTO can be played with.
Been a while, but a rather major update: now binary output is supported (for most compilers in C++ anyway)! Opcodes are shown, which gives a little more insight into what the CPU really sees.

Examples: -- shows the NOP instructions inserted to align loops. - link time optimization shows aggressive inlining and dropping of unused code.

Mouse over the addresses to highlight their destinations.

Only for x86, only for C++, but it's a start!

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Utterly amazing stuff!
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