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Sun-Tech I.T. Solutions Limited
Sun-Tech is an internationally recognized manufacturer of educational technology products.
Sun-Tech is an internationally recognized manufacturer of educational technology products.


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Our latest Newsletter Vol.31, Jul 2015 is released! Check it out!

We are halfway through the year of 2015. When we look back the first half of the year, we have accomplished several developments and enhancements targets that benefit our company’s business in the long run such as the release of XCLASS Multi-platform and upgrading our software to be ready for Windows 10. Moreover, the compliment on our software from a research paper and the new opportunity generated from the enhancement of Wi-Fi infrastructure in schools have motivated us to strive for developing better products and solutions.


The XCLASS Multi-platform edition is now available to support the Bring Your Own Device initiative. With our software, teachers can easily manage, control, and interact with students no matter what types (Android, iOS, Windows) of tablet devices they are using in the classroom. So, please take your action and contact us for more details:

Scientific Research on XCLASS & DLL

We are pleased and encouraged to receive a recent published research paper written by Dr. Elsadig Mohamed Khalifa Gawi regarding the effectiveness of using our digital language solution (XCLASS & DLL) for teaching listening and speaking skills in universities. The research was conducted with a sampling size of a group of around 20 students (pilot group) and another group of 20 students (control group) throughout the duration of one semester. The results of the research have shown that XCLASS & DLL can substantially enhance students’ language learning performance. For details of this paper, please visit here:

We are Windows 10 Ready

The latest version of the Windows series - Windows 10 will be officially released on 29th July, 2015 according to Microsoft. And the great news is that the existing users from both Windows 7 and 8 will be eligible for a free upgrade. Some customers might worry to run into compatibility bumps if they upgrade to Windows 10 right away. But here is to assure you that our R&D team has been working on the beta version of Windows 10 continuously. We ensure that any compatibility problems will get ironed out at the soonest possible time.

Trend of e-Learning in Hong Kong (continued)

Knowing that e-Learning has become a key element for effective teaching and learning nowadays, governments from developed countries/cities have started to put in more financial supports to enhance both wired and wireless infrastructure in schools. The education bureau has recently confirmed to implement the enhancement of Wi-Fi infrastructure starting from the coming school year for nearly 900 schools. And with the enhancement of the wireless environment, there are various e-learning solutions that can be fully implemented in these schools, especially the mobile version of classroom management and language lab software that enables teachers to effectively manage and interact with students who use different tablet devices in class. The more widespread use of Wi-Fi in education is no doubt the new trend worldwide and we believe this will assist and expedite the process of using more and more mobile computing devices and learning solutions in education.
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We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a brand new demo video for our XCLASS Classroom Management Software.
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We had sponsored for the "e-Learning Carnival Hong Kong 2015" organized by AITLE (Association of I.T. Leaders in Education), along with other sponsors like Cisco, Fuji Xerox, Samsung, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc. 

Our recap of the event could be found in this link:

And some photo highlights of the carnival could be found here:
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Our latest Newsletter Vol.30, Apr 2015 is released! Check it out!

Trend of e-Learning in Hong Kong

With the advance in education technology and educationalists’ gradual acceptance, it seems inevitable that there is a trend of adopting more and more mobile computing devices in education.

This trend is evident in Hong Kong. As a pioneer measure in Hong Kong, the Support Scheme for e-Learning in Schools (Support Scheme) was launched in January 2014 for 100 public schools to enhance their Wi-Fi infrastructure and to acquire mobile computing devices for use in class. With the experience gained in the Support Scheme and the general positive feedback obtained during the consultation period, the Education Bureau of Hong Kong plans to build on its earlier success to implement the enhancement of Wi-Fi infrastructure starting from the coming school year for nearly a thousand schools.

And we are glad to be cooperating with Microsoft given our synergy of promoting e-learning in schools. One key event is the Microsoft in Education Forum – one of Microsoft's annual major events that took place on 28th March 2015. This event aimed to share the latest information in planning and implementation of e-learning in school and reinforce the Support Scheme for e-Learning in Schools, and discuss how schools can apply Microsoft technology, including Windows tablets and Windows apps via a series of successful real cases of total e-learning solutions. We are glad to share that one of the schools has showcased our XCLASS Tablet (Windows Edition) in the forum. It was demonstrated how our solutions could assist teaching in a real-life scenario. We will continue our cooperation with Microsoft to serve the motto of making our ICT solutions as a “learning companion” of teacher and students.

Latest Development on XCLASS Tablet

We are continuing our developments on our XCLASS Tablet series. Our latest breakthroughs are:

Voice features are fully implemented on our XCLASS Tablet, including video broadcasting, intercom, voice casting, etc.
Other than our current Survey Mode and Short Question, Quiz is finally implemented with question editor, two question types (MC & short question), auto-marking, instant results with bar-chart and report.
The Application Monitor feature is improved and renamed as Application Control with features like monitor apps, remote kill apps, black/white list, etc.
A pioneering Instant Dictionary feature is implemented in our DLL. With a simple click on any words of the subtitle of a movie, a popup window of the dictionary will appear instantly.
Worlddidac Asia 2015

Hong Kong is often seen as the gateway to China and the rest of Asia Asian countries. And we are glad to see that Worlddidac Asia bring bought for its debut in Hong Kong and took place on 18-20 March 2015. Well-known speakers from 16 countries joined the forums and visitors from 35 countries explored the event. We believe that this has further forged Hong Kong as the hub of the whole ICT industry in the Asia region.
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Sun-Tech had participated in London's BETT, one of the biggest ICT events in education, during 21-24 Jan 2015.

For the full version of our review and photos, please refer to this link:

BETT 2015 Review

When doing international business, regardless of what industry you are in, it is very important to find a platform where suppliers and buyers can meet and communicate face to face and share the latest trend and development of the market. And the BETT London, which was held during 21st to 24th Jan, 2015, fulfilled this purpose perfectly by providing us opportunities to showcase our latest products, meet and develop relationship with both existing and new clients, and share & collect the information about the latest market trend.

Throughout the event, we showcased our latest development of our mobile solutions for classroom management – XCLASS Tablet (Multi-platform Edition), which supports both Android and iOS tablet devices currently and Windows devices too in the near future. It is beyond doubt that the use of tablet devices for teaching and learning has become an emerging trend in education. Students’ mobility is no longer confined by the desktop/notebook computers. Instead, they can enjoy interactive learning with their personal tablets and move around in a wireless classroom. And our XCLASS Tablet facilitates teachers to effectively manage and control class activities. Besides, we demonstrated a unique new feature (DLL – Digital Language Learning) in the Android edition of our XCLASS Tablet. It not only allows students to practice their speaking, listening, presentation stills, but the built-in dictionary feature can improve students’ comprehension on the videos they watch. Both new product and features earned positive feedbacks from customers.

When attending international exhibitions, it is always excited to meet our existing and potential customers. We find this an effective way to develop and deepen the business relationship through face-to-face communication, sharing of customers’ feedback, and demonstrating/solving customer’s concerns in person. Besides, the new potential customers that we met enable us to expand our business to the new markets and channels.

Moreover, we have collected a lot of useful information about the latest trend in the ICT market by discussing with our clients and observing what other counterparts were presenting during the show. Instead of providing a standalone product, a product that comes with a one-stop solution seems to be more preferable to the market. This gives us a prospective direction on how our products should be developed to the next level.

In conclusion, it is definitely a precious and wonderful experience to attend the BETT Show. Hence, it is beyond question that we will be back in the upcoming BETT 2016 with our latest products. Please stay tuned.
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The Year of Goat is coming soon according to Chinese Zodiac, we wish you & your beloved ones have a prosperous & wonderful year in the year of Goat! For your information, we will have Chinese New Year holidays from 19 to 22 Feb and resume to work on 23 Feb.

For flash version of our ECARD, please visit
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Our latest Newsletter Vol.29, Jan 2015 is released! Check it out!

Multi-platform for XCLASS Tablet

After the success of launching XCLASS Tablet (iOS edition), we have started developing our XCLASS Tablet to support multi-platform. It is beyond doubt that the use of tablets for teaching and learning becomes popular in schools where tablets are provided to students. And as the tablet devices have become more affordable for students and there are various choices with different brands and OS platforms available in the market including Windows, Android, and iOS, we see a greater demand for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).

Our multi-platform solutions will be tailored to assist teachers to effectively manage and control class activities even when students bring their own tablet devices of different OS platform to school. It is estimated to be released in the market in the first quarter of 2015. And if you are interested in getting more details, please contact us directly:

Get Ready for BETT 2015

We are quite excited as we will attend the BETT show from 21st to 24th Jan, 2015. During the show, we will be presenting some new developments of our XCLASS Tablet such as the Android features of application control, quiz, sound communication, digital language laboratory (DLL), and more. Also, we will be showcasing our latest iOS edition, and the beta version of our multi-platform edition. Besides, this is a great opportunity for us to obtain the latest information and trend in the ICT market through communicating with existing and potential customers so that we can develop solutions that fulfill their needs.

Learning and Teaching Expo (11-13 Dec, 2014)

In 2014, we have run various marketing activities to further boost our business in the local and Asia Pacific market. And attending the Learning and Teaching Expo (LTE) in Hong Kong is one of the effective approaches to serve this purpose. It not only provides a platform for us to meet and expose our solutions to our potential customers from the target regions, but also the latest learning technologies could be shared. During the show, we teamed up with our sister company – Sun-Tech ICT Development Limited, which is specialized in providing network solutions, to provide a total solution (mobile solution for classroom management + networking) for the local market. And we are glad that we received tremendous response during the show.

New Year 2015

Last but not least, the year of 2014 has passed without realizing it. And we have stepped into a new year which is the year of goat according to Chinese Zodiac. One of its signs is it represents creativity. So, we wish we will keep our creative and innovative minds available to develop new features to our existing ICT solutions. And we wish everyone will be prosperous and healthy in 2015!
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Our latest Newsletter Vol.28, Oct 2014 is released! Check it out!

DLL Supports Android

To extend our success in the PC platform to tablet devices, we have been spending much effort in migrating our existing products. As of today, we are proud to announce that we have made a bold step in ushering in a new era of language learning in education by introducing ourselves as the pioneer in launching the very first Digital Language Laboratory (DLL) solution that supports tablet in the market. It is capable of playing and recording multimedia files at the same time. Students can now enjoy the mobility of tablets while also making use of it for comprehensive language learning activities such as pronunciation practice, listening practice, and presentation skill training. Besides, students can compare the master track with student track to rectify their pronunciations. And students’ recording files can be collected for further assessment by teacher. In the near future, features like Intercom and Voice Casting will also be implemented and further assist communication between teacher and students.

This DLL function is now successfully integrated within our XCLASS Tablet (Android Edition), a multimedia classroom management software solution specially designed to be used on the Android platform. Therefore, language learning is supplemented with multimedia, monitoring and control features. We currently provide special packages for tablet devices bundled with our XCLASS Tablet software and multimedia headsets. Feel free to contact our sales team at to obtain a trial and experience our pioneering solution. 

XCLASS Supports iOS

Another piece of good news is that we have developed an iOS edition of our XCLASS Tablet after seeing the continuous demand of using our XCLASS on iPad. XCLASS Tablet (iOS Edition) is designed with a new user interface but one that will still be instantly familiar to our existing users of the Android Edition or PC version. The student app is now free to download from the Apple App Store for all iPads running iOS version 7.1 or above.

Come & Join Us at BETT 2015

As a continued success of the past year, SUN-TECH has decided to participate in the upcoming BETT again next year. BETT is one of the world’s largest educational technology events – which will be held during 21st – 24th Jan 2015, at ExCeL London (the exhibition and international convention centre). We will be showcasing our latest products and development and we truly hope to see you at our booth B75. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Continuous Development

SUN-TECH always stresses the importance of corporate social responsibility and vows to repay the community’s trust by actively supporting environmental protection activities. We are proud to be one of the green partners in Hong Kong to sponsor the No Air-Con Night for the third consecutive year. Along with the organizer – Green Sense – and other esteemed organizations, we aim to bring out the importance of reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy through this event with the collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Moreover, SUN-TECH has established a new subsidiary – SUN-TECH ICT Development Limited – to provide professional services of Information Communication Technology in implementing and maintaining networking, collaboration, security and management solutions. With the addition of SUN-TECH ICT, we are pleased to further enhance our mission of providing one-stop I.T. solutions for hardware, software as well as networking.
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Our latest Newsletter Vol.27, Jul 2014 is released! Check it out!

At the beginning of Year 2014, we have set many goals to maintain our competitiveness and fulfill new requirements of contemporary education because we know that our efforts do benefit teachers and students’ learning, which is always our primary objective.

DLL in Tablet

As a continued mission of migrating our existing software solutions to the tablet platform, we are excited to share that we are close to launching DLL - Digital Language Lab feature and integrating it into our XCLASS Tablet (Android Edition). Now, students do not have to sit in front of notebooks or PCs to practice their pronunciations. Instead, with the mobility of tablet devices, language learning could be flexibly implemented with ease and student interests could be aroused. A trial version of XCLASS Tablet with DLL will be launched very soon, please stay tuned.

New Features for XCLASS EVO

After a thorough study of customers’ feedbacks and market trend, we have developed several enhancements for XCLASS EVO which will definitely lead to better interactivity, control and monitoring which in turn - bringing better user experience.

1. Video Call
Effective communication is not just listening to someone’s voice. Instead, researchers have proved that non-verbal communications including facial expression and paralinguistic cues represent two-thirds of all communications. This new feature allows effective visual and verbal communication between teacher and students during lessons.

2. Survey Mode 
This new function allows teacher to perform a survey with ease during lessons and the result can be exported for further use.

3. Allow File Submission
The File Transfer function has been optimized with improved user interface to suit for larger screen. Besides, students can either collect files from teacher or submit their files to teacher.

4. Student Monitor - Rotation Mode
In rotation mode, different students’ screens can be shown on the teacher PC automatically like a slide show in a fixed time interval, making it easier for teacher to monitor the whole class, especially with dual monitors.

IT in Education Expo

SUN-TECH, as one of the most outstanding manufacturers of educational technology products in the World, was honored to be invited by the IT in Education Expo to showcase our latest multimedia classroom management solution for mobile classrooms - XCLASS Tablet (Android & Windows 8 Editions). Our latest solutions did draw the attention of the local media and an interview was done during the event. We do expect that more and more schools will be benefited by adopting our latest solutions in the near future.

LAST CALL for XCLASS & DLL Upgrade Promotion

Last but not least, we have noticed that many schools are considering upgrading the operating system to the latest Windows versions after the announcement made by Microsoft about the discontinuance of providing official security updates and bug fixes for Windows XP starting from 8 Apr 2014. We are delighted to provide a SPECIAL OFFER till 31 July 2014 to the existing users of XCLASS PRO 9.3 (+ DLL 4.0) to upgrade their software to XCLASS PRO 10.1 (+ DLL 5.1) or XCLASS EVO (+ DLL 6.0), which supports Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Act NOW to enjoy our SPECIAL UPGRADE PROMOTION! For more information, please contact us at
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Glad to inform you that we have launched a Special Upgrade Promotion for our existing users of XCLASS 9.3 or DLL 4.1 versions.

Act NOW to enjoy our offer! It lasts until 31st July 2014 only, so please don’t wait! 

Reference: Windows XP support has ended

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
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