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Adam Carlson
Super awesome rockstar!
Super awesome rockstar!

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Scott Kelby 2012 Worldwide Photo Walk (4 photos)
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Been a while since I posed anything so here is one from tonight's golf course shoot. Good times!

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Lol... Windows 8 is funny!
Looks like my dad's "First Time Using Windows 8" viral video is about to hit 1m views on YouTube: - yay, +Joe Pirillo!

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Great group and service looking to be even better with a little help! 
Alright G+, can I get your attention?

Need your help in a big way today! I've never asked for money for anything online, ever! But we are on a mission to HELP +Help-Portrait. It is struggling and we need yall to step up the plate and help us out!

All I'm asking is that you donate a dollar or two.

What are we raising money for? Read this letter and you'll understand everything.

Really appreciate your help in this mission. Let's all ban together and help change lives this year!

Also please "share" this post if you don't mind. Thanks!!

Lastly, here's the direct link to DONATE today...

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Lol.. Too funny!
So You Had A Bad Day
Im sorry.. but every time this cartoon shows up in my stream.. I just giggle.. foolishly... 

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New assignment is live... This weeks subject is water, get your photos submitted before July 1st to be included in the vote!

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My son's friend is missing.
Please Look at this Missing Poster and consider posting it wherever you can.
Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc ...
Here is a link to the full story and all the details on the Facebook Missing Page:


Thank you.
#Help #Missing #News #NYC #NewYorkCity #BreakfastClub #photo #FindPierce
cc +Thomas Hawk +Vivienne Gucwa +Lotus Carroll +Robert Scoble +Trey Ratcliff +Colby Brown +Mike Shaw +Vic Gundotra

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Fun day in the pool with Mom and grandpa! 

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New assignment is up, abstract photography! This assignment runs until May 15th so get out and get shooting! Also be sure to head over to the site and vote for your favorite from the last assignment, Golden Hour.
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