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SEO Site Crawling Like You've Never Done Before
SEO Site Crawling Like You've Never Done Before

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Had your Titles changed by Google recently? Here's a data driven post by +AuthorityLabs on when Google seems most likely to take action.
Google seems to change Title tags the least when they're already 50-59 characters. See more information about how Google may change title tags.

#SEOAuditTip   Be sure to check your webmaster tool crawl errors. Just crawling your site you may miss urls that OTHER sites have input/typed wrong and are sending traffic to 404 pages. Reclaim that linkjuice and traffic with 301s, then mark those errors as fixed.

If it's going to a page you want to stay dead, like a zombie you just double tapped, then use a 410 code.

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Site Audit Checklist: Headers
Get your learning on! We're going to build a complete advanced SEO checklist of Site Audit elements and we're starting with the header tags! Thanks to +Martin Harris for his professional technical SEO insight!

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Updated UI and Memory usage means more crawls for you
We're very proud to announce our latest update to our SEO site crawl tool. It's still free, and unlimited crawling for your site auditing needs. Download the latest version today!

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How to UNsample your Google Analytics Here's a step by step of how to get valid GA reporting data without a built in bias/error factor from Google Analytics sampling. 

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Attention #GoogleAnalytics Power Users!

If you run large reports in Google Analytics, you may have noticed your data is being sampled, and you're not getting the full picture.  Thanks to a new tool from, this is no longer an issue!

Check out the tool here:, or check out the Tutorials:

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Need some tools for your next #seo   #siteaudit   Here's some free ones suggested by +Search Engine Journal and +Marc Purtell.

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