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Helpful guides about electrical courses and qualifications. Tips & tricks to pass your electrical exams, and more.
Helpful guides about electrical courses and qualifications. Tips & tricks to pass your electrical exams, and more.


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Hi everybody,

We have received several emails about the C&G 2365 qualification and its exams. To respond to this demand we are now releasing an exam simulator for Unit 201. More content will follow soon...

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-          Past exam papers
-          MOCK exams
-          Exam questions and answers

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This spreadsheet is all you need to keep your books neatly organised.
 As always, any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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Brand new Exam Simulator!

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Thinking about becoming your own boss? Not sure how to do it?
These pages will guide you through the process of going on your own! Starting up, marketing, tax issues - we got it all covered.

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Do you need to do electrical inspection and testing? If yes, then you will find this useful:

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Hello everybody!

You know the saying:

New Year –New Wiring Regulations book!

Yes, it is now confirmed that the new Amendment 3 for the 17th Edition of Wiring Regulations is in the pipeline.  According to the IET the third amendment to BS 7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations will be issued in January 2015 and is intended to come into effect on 1st July 2015.

No doubt there will be a new course to attend to with a new exam to pass. Just what we electricians need right now.

You can read about the yellow book here:

  Feel free to comment and share.

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Let me invite you to the newly launched Electrical Blog on!

The blog is intended to provide a platform where professionals in all areas of the electrical industry can voice their opinions on any subject related to their profession. From general news to interesting subjects, every week our bloggers will share their opinions and expertise on various subjects related to the electrical industry.

Here are the first two blog posts:

Construction finally picks up!

We all know that the UK construction sector has been hard hit by the recent recession. Lack of work resulted in falling of wages and squeeze on living standards for all trades including electricians. However, things seem to be picking up again. The last few weeks all papers were leading with articles about major investments and upcoming project within the construction industry. Continue reading here:

How to have more than three switches on a lighting circuit?

We all know how to wire lighting circuits with one, two or even three switches. But what if we need four or even five switches on the same lighting circuit? This blog post will explain everything. Read on here:
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