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H+: The Digital Series is currently offline, but our writers are working on a second season! Where do you think the story goes next?
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You guys went almost supernatural there towards the end. I would like to know more about how that happened. Also what will happen with Manta. 
A) Explanation of the child
B) Validation of Ken's work to save the world
C) Reconciliation of the Sheehan/Lubhan love thing...
D) beginning the showdown between Peters and Motumbo
Please include more of Breanna's secretary.
I am guessing LPW provided financing for the alternative implant to H+. Their preliminary technology/kernel exist in Jason's nanites. By using the source code from these nanites, Ken will be able to quarantine and eliminate the virus.
When Ken and Simona first linked via the prototype H+ he began to share her visions. HIs guilt came from knowing what the future would bring, through Simone, and the knowledge of what he would have to do.
The child, Vandish, is probably the pinnacle of the Transhumanist idea. Implants were not needed for him to to connected to the network. At one point in the series, Dr. Y. Gurveer in Mumbai mentioned that the solution was in the child's DNA. 
This is almost like the ultimate showdown between Windows OS (LPW) and Unix-like OSes (H+).
I scouted the web looking for some kind of information on whether or not there was going to be a second season coming soon.  This seems to be the only thing I can find.  When can we expect to see a season 2?
Simone doesn't have an implant h+ or LPW
Simona is linked to the Universe as a computer simulation and our brain does not need artificial tools to connect to it. Clue to what the Chilean scientist said and why he was testing her
* H+: The Digital Series is currently offline, but our writers are working on a second season! Where do you think the story goes next?

Well, after nine months of without even a progress report, it looks like H+ is going nowhere.  Pitty, there isn't enough good science fiction.
Any news on the 2nd season? Anxiously waiting here...
It seems we would need a miracle to see the end of that story. Can someone contact Simona ??? Too bad, H+ had quite compelling characters. A lot of them were tri-dimensional, which is a rare feat for such a short format. There was also the über-villain Francis Peters, a character we've barely been introduced to, a few (useful) clichés that helped follow the story in spite of its gaps, good production values and decent acting. The 'teaser'-like structure of the show reminded me of Lost, without being a tasteless copy of it. All in all, an enjoyable, albeit short and sometimes frustrating, viewing experience. Could the writers produce a novel or a comic version of the show to tell the overall story? People reading it without knowing the series could then go back to the episodes, which could garner a cult status to the H+ experience...
So, guys... No announcements? Damn. How about a graphic novel to wrap things up?
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