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Locked and loaded! #KTU84P
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Ryan R
Wut?! Surprise OTA!
Jens H.
Security Fix.. hmmmmz
does Towelroot still work?
+Artem Russakovskii It addresses some other (not quite as severe) security issues. No I can't give a list but AOSP push should follow in the next 48h and you can take a look :-)
I hope you also fix Towelroot soon. This is the biggest thread out there currently.
Ryan R
This update also snuck in a new radio, at least for hammerhead.
You guys just made my day with this 4.4.4 
Still no '13 N7 Mobile update, is it doomed to stay on 4.4.2?
I hope this fixes the always on wifi that came from the 4.4.3 update. My N5 drains so fast now. With 4.4.2 it was much better. 
+Vijay Prabhu: You didn't read this thread properly. This is NOT addressing heartbleed. It addresses CVE-2014-0224 which is NOT heartbleed. +Artem Russakovskii posted earlier in this comment thread the link to the actual Open SSL advisory, you might want to read that.
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