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Any Google experts? I need help, stat. PLEASE. Google just finished out transitioning accounts. I've long had a broken situation in which Google thinks I manage Google stuff on my own domain, but that is not actually true. During the transition overnight somehow my Google email login for my primary Google account (THIS ONE) got changed to (Primary email)

I can add additional email addresses, but cannot seem to change the primary one. If I have to log in with that email account every time, I will slit my wrists. Mildly freaking out here.
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#PublicPost Some things I really wish Spotify had (please ignore this if you have no interest in Spotify or whatnot):

* Regarding the player/app UI, I really miss the "cmd-L" shortcut in iTunes. This command immediately brings one to the currently-playing track in iTunes, which can be quite handy if one has a lot of open playlists and is doing something else, say, browsing. It doesn't need to map to CMD-L, but an analogous shortcut would be a pleasure.
* I listen to a lot of dance music (and, thanks, Spotify, for having a pretty decent selection of trax!). I miss the ability to set custom start times for a track (under Info -> Options in iTunes for any given song), as dance tracks often take a minute or to to "get started."
* Boy, howdy, I wish there were custom view columns like iTunes, or, at the very least, Spotify would "remember" that I resized, say, the Album name column. It's making me crazy.
* Again with the dance music. I am often looking for the latest. A way to sort by release date on search results would be priceless for me. A view column that is release date would also be oh-so-sweet.
* More discoverability! Please! I note that a number of DJ podcasts are being integrated, with individual trax. ME LIKEY. But finding this stuff is nigh impossible. Yeah. Discoverability overall is pretty close to nil. Maybe I just need some more "friends."
* All of the tracks I starred yesterday in my desktop app went away when I starred a single track in my mobile client. That smells like a bug.
* Genres. Or tagging. Or something beyond the basics of playlists to organize my shiz-nit.
* Despite the "You don't have to have Facebook" claims regarding social and sharing with Spotify, the situation is pretty lame if you don't. I can't have a photo on my profile AFAICT, and the only way to add friends is to know their username. I can't see my friends' friends, so I can't start walking up the chain that way to add people. Urk.

Having said all of this, it is likely that Spotify is the Music Rental Service for Me! It's about a googzillion times better than Rhapsody so far.

Finally, I have just a couple of invites left if you are looking for one.
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