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What a smart, innovative bike rack. The idea was to design bike parking that wouldn't be an obstacle when is not pinned to a bike.

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Thats brilliant.  What country is that in?
True elegance in design.  They are also visually interesting with or without a bike.
+Ben Wendt Is that from experience? I can see that it might not work on all bikes.
It locks up your front wheel, so the thief can carry off the frame and expensive parts.

It only holds the bike by the front wheel. Anyone bumping into the bike will bend the front wheel.

It has moving parts for public use, outside.

Literally the worst idea ever of all time.
Yep... I kind of agree with that. Designers of public bike services don't use their bikes too much, that's easy to see
Agreed..nice design but impractical on the streets of any city
How long will the pop-up mechanism work? Seems to me it would be frozen down in any kind of cold weather.  Can you get it to pop up with full finger gloves on? Won't work with fenders. No I don't think it's good design.
Not bad. It might even work with fenders provided it is large enough.

Durability is the question though.
I don't like it. Gives city hall the power to charge you to park your bike. 
The problem with any locking method that relies on the wheel is the fact that you can easily cut through a rim with bolt cutters.
+Evan Baird you don't even need bolt cutters...all you need is a wrench....i can take the front tire off a bike with a rench in under 30 seconds
+Evan Baird Well, the frame itself could be easily cut too :)

I guess there is no absolutely effective method against theft, especially if thief is not afraid of drawing attention and willing to compromise bike value by damaging it.
Honestly, this idea is unmitigated crap. There's literally no worse man made object to lock your bike to.
+Thacher Morrison Not quite. Take a closer look. That said, if you've got a hacksaw...
Well, all in all I like it. And when locked like on the picture, a thief WOULD have to cut the rim.

But there are a few flaws elsewhere.

First, this frame that goes on the wheel doesn't seem to be very strong.

Second, when it's hiddeb in the pavement, what holds me from parking a car on it?

And third, I'd like to see the author looking for the rack under the snow...
1st: yes - if you unscrew the front wheel (and remount) you can carry it away, easy.  
2nd: i think it´s not compatible with mudguards and different tires from 23..xx? mm
3th : i believe the intention of the designer is --> you can fold it down to make more space for car parking :-( 
1st: No, because you would have squeeze the wheel under the rack, as the u-lock won't go over the rack.
I'm with +Erik Orgell - adding mechanical complexity reduces reliability.

And what's the point of invisible bike racks, anyway? Tucking them away because they're in the way means you don't have room for bike racks there in the first place.
then we go to what +Richard Masoner said; "Tucking them away because they're in the way means you don't have room for bike racks there in the first place."

If they're in the middle of the way... just put standard racks out of the way, and problem solved
Great Idea!!!! Where would one go to get a device like this?
I'm gonna have to run down to the park and shoot video of a similar contraption we have near my house.
I think the comments fail to realize that this kind of parking is could fo anywhere. If you look at the sidewalk that it's on, it's obviously a nice area. I a nice area, it would do very well, as opposed to traditional bike racks. :)
+Evan Baird first of all u said bolt cutters not hack saw......and also a hack saw would be way to loud it would be easily recognizable
+Richard Masoner nails it. The problem isn't that it only engages the bike by the front wheel (most bike racks are guilty of that) but that it's kind of impractical ain't-I-cute frippery that distinguishes so many designer attempts to "improve" the bicycle, or anything about it. 
+Thatcher Morrison Bolt cutters will cut through a rim and a tire no problem. A hack saw to the frame would take less than 5 minutes. Plenty of time to make off with bike.
I agree. It's great for just about everything...except when it comes to parking your bike.
Interesting idea, for sure.
But the question was never answered: Where are these? What country? It would be nice to know who is using them, and how they feel about it.
very cute picture u are so beautiful in the world
It's not the best practical bike rack around. But the idea is good looking.
but i guess ur right criminals are stupid so they wont think about how loud the tool is
In San Francisco at least a lot of them are on drugs, so I don't know how much though they'd put into anything. I've seen people steal bottle cage bolts. Don't ask me why.
well i am a country boy so idk what people do in the city
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