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Pain Killer
Its not like i woke up one day and wanted you. it got to a point where part of me depended on you You alleieved me of the aspects that haunted me most. It hurt for some days, but a small pill would subside it all. Whatever it was covered up the agony for a ...

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Purpose for Time
Together we painted the perfect image, one people would come from the ends of the earth to witness. Its not your heart or mine, but a combination of the two. In sequence we produce a beat that few understand and not even science would know where to start. I...

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The Same, But Different.
Your smile represents a sense of euphoria, your
frown a sense of melancholy. It may not be apparent, but sometimes our stars do
align and if only for a moment we unite. Our breath both coincide with life and
our time is limited. If there is something we hav...

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It's Days Like These
It’s days like these I feel helpless. I guess
helpless is a bad word to use, but it is one that I often feel. Its not like I
think that nobody can help, but I know deep down inside no one wants to. It’s
days like these that I sit inside, look out the window...

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           It was always a mystery. You see I knew every night that I
went to sleep you were there. You disguised yourself as toys, as clothes as
whatever you wanted to be. You were the reason I couldn’t sleep till my mom
came in and said goodnight. Its not...

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My Cup of Joe.
taste you provided was nice. It was something that quenched my thirst for a
moment. Not only that you seemed to provide me this false perception of being
awake. I never really considered you an addiction; it was more of an
appreciation. But I guess that...

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Understanding The Canvas
Its kind of crazy; at one
moment you were just a blank canvas. You looked like you produced no value and
millions of people could walk by and never acknowledge that you existed. I’m
sure it was painful to be ignored, but that’s life and it happens to all of...

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My Masquerade
You are cordially
invited to My Masquerade. Who
are you? For long you were the only one who knew me. The one who understood
everything about me. You knew just the right amount of milk I liked in my
cereal and you understood that I did not like to be bugged ...

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Painted Mirrors
      I opened the door and everything went pitch black. I walked
in and suddenly my legs locked up and I couldn’t move anymore. I knew if I took
another step something would happen to me. I would end up stranded in a deep
hole only to find myself drowning ...
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