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Starting School Bookbag
This little one of mine started Kindergarten last
month.  The build up to that day was
grand, for all of us.  Of course, we got
her school supplies, looked through her fall wardrobe and talked and talked
about the day.   And it was time for a big
girl backp...

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Strawberry Fields
Do you ever make something just because the perfect photo opportunity is coming up? I confess, this was one of those times for me. The fabric: Heather Ross Briar Rose The pattern: from  this Japanese pattern book The shorts: Oliver + S Picnic Shorts in cha...

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Backpacks and baby carriers
These are my fourth and fifth versions of Made by Rae’s Toddler Backpack. Obviously, I love
this pattern.  The story behind these began one morning, well after I made Lucia her’s (pictured on far left above).  We were on our way out the door and
she wanted ...

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How the Crane Got Its Crown
First, a little about the dress itself.  It is, of course, the Geranium dress from Made by Rae.  I fell in love with this dress and this
fabric when she made it here .  So, when I
came across the fabric at Momen+ over Christmas, I had to buy some.  Then, ju...

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KCSW: Rhinos, Part 2
 As promised, I made a coordinating dress for the little
one.   I couldn’t help myself.   The pattern is the Oliver + S 2+2 top with an
additional two inch band around the bottom (does that make it 2+2+2?).   Again, the rhino fabric is from Pink Castle Fabr...

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KCW Spring Bubble Skirt
I don't often get to post during Kids Clothes Week , sewing, photographing, and posting are too much.  But today I am throwing caution to the wind and posting a bad cell photo because I really want to be part of this fun group. So, here it is.  I cut it yes...

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Nani Iro Blankets
My obsession with Nani Iro will not go away.  I just can't get enough.  And then, when I saw these blankets from Purl Soho , already knowing how wonderful the Michael Miller Cotton Sherpa feels, I just had to make the girls blankets combining the two.   swa...

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Sometimes my projects turn out just like I imagined they will and other times not at all.  The problem with this one was the execution.  I didn't expect it to be so hard to sew.   But after seeing how it inspired the girls after all, I think it was worth th...

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Happy Valentine's Day
She's very particular about her clothing.  She likes the clothes that have pictures especially.  So I know she would love this one.  And she does. So much so, she has asked to wear it almost every morning this week and it's too dirty to wear today.  (Pickin...

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Lucia's School Days Jacket
It has taken me way too long to get this post out into the world, but the the jacket itself has been serving her well in this very cold winter. It's the Oliver + S School Days Coat with quite a few modifications.  The main fabric and toggle buttons came fro...
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