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From Sea to Sea
Just call me Forrest Gump because I just walked across the
country.  Even though Israel may not be
even close to as big as America....we still traveled the whole width.  It was so crazy fun!  So I'm basically gonna take you guys through
the gist of my days....

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The Jewish People Live - An Essay
The following is an essay Amber wrote for one of her NFTY-EIE classes following a trip to Poland                                                                         עמ
ישראל חי            We,
the Jewish people today, all stand as survivors.  Not from th...

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Halfway There
Hello fellow humans! Nice to make
your acquaintance.  I can’t wait to update everyone on my past week. 
However, first I must begin by telling you all that I got back from Poland
about a week ago. It was an intense experience, but no worries I will try to

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Purim in Israel
Hello everyone, sorry it's been a while, I've been super busy and now I want to catch you up on what I've been up to! We just finished celebrating Purim. While in the United States people believe that a carnival and a creative shpiel suffice as a Purim cele...

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A Week with the IDF
Hello everyone, I missed
you! Sorry I haven't blogged in
a while I just got rescued from a juvenile detention center in Siberia.   It was
hard, but educational, just like my time in  Gadna . So if
you aren't aware Gadna is a week long taste of the Israeli a...

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Exploring Israel
We have successfully completed our second week in
Israel!!  Time is really flying by so quickly; it’s crazy.  I already
feel like I've known these people for years.  I guess that's what happens
when you spend all day everyday with  people..... okay anyway t...

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Arriving in Israel
Hi everyone! As many of you know, I am studying in Israel
with a program called NFTY-EIE for the spring semester of my junior year.  My plane landed at Ben Gurion Airport on
Monday, January 25 around 2:30 Israeli time (so back on the East Coast it would
be ...

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