In Norway, universities are publicly funded so students are not charged tuition or fees. This also applies to foreign students, no matter which country you come from. If you think all universities around the world, including Canada should copy Norway's system of education. Please SHARE this with your friends!

"Shocking as it may seem to many Canadians, Norweigians don’t charge any tuition to anyone" -Macleans Magazine

How does Norway fund Free education? the opposite of what Canada does: Norway doesn't increases the taxes on citizens, they receive 78% of taxes from state owned oil and gas corporations "Luckily for foreign students, Norway is in a unique position to afford such generosity. Thanks to oil and gas revenues" 

"The Norwegian government owns 80 per cent of petroleum production, and retains roughly 85 per cent of the net petroleum revenues mainly through a 78-per-cent company tax."

Read: Managing Oil Wealth -Canada Model vs. the Norway model

Norway's Oil Fund Heads For $1 Trillion, Norway, the “socialist paradise,” is effectively running a surplus of nearly a trillion dollars, thanks to oil revenue. "The Harper government has roundly rejected the creation of a federal sovereign wealth fund."

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Resources: How to: Study tuition-free in Norway

CHECK OUT THIS STATEMENT! "Norway stands alone in offering free higher education to students regardless of citizenship. It is a fundamental principle for the Norwegian government. It is important for us to promote the welfare state and free higher education is very central to this. It has not been questioned by many (Norwegian) governments. Equality is a value that we support - we don't make a difference between foreign students and domestic students."

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"The majority of Norwegian institutions of higher education are publicly funded. And the Norwegian government considers access to higher education for all to be an important part of the Norwegian society. Thus, there are normally no tuition fees at state universities and university colleges in Norway. This also applies to foreign students, no matter which country you come from."

Meanwhile in Canada, students are paying record high tuition fees for jobs that are no longer there...and are in record debt for years after they finish their education. 

University tuition rising to record levels in Canada -CBC News 

College and University Tuition fees in Canada rising faster than incomes and inflation, report warns -Globe 

"Adding an extra layer of stress, young Canadians now owe more than $15 billion in student debt, according to the Canadian Federation of Students and 58 per cent of students plan to graduate with $20,000 or more in loans, says a recent BMO poll."

Canadian university student 'begs' for a job

Soaring tuition costs in Canada force students to work more hours: analysis -D
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