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Melissa Artomel Black
Artist, Writer, Pet Lover
Artist, Writer, Pet Lover

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Parade of Pups at the Pet Expo
Demo painting of Mouse the Guinea Pig Blackbird Bike with Charley the spokes dog and his copilot Jim Petburbia on display! People on parade as dogs look on eager for a ride Even the cats came out to play Proud guinea pig loving family

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Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts Reception
Historic gallery space with lush gardens Pets on View:  Melissa Black's Petburbia and Litters More Art July 25 - August 22 Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts 6666 East River Road Fridley, MN 55432 Tuesday through Saturday 10am - 4pm "Mommy, I like all of the...

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Hanging Out At The Library
Robert Trail Library Solo Show Reception in Rosemount Thanks to everyone (both humans and dogs) for joining me at an amazing artist reception. 37 Petburbia portraits will be on display at the  Robert Trail Public Library in Rosemount, MN from  June 4 throug...

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Travi the Official Office Ginger  "Give me a room with a view!"  Travi, the Orange Tabby, started life as an illegal resident of a garden apartment. His windows were covered with paper, and he had to work really hard to pull the paper loose. Suddenly he nee...

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Mellow Musher German
Buck the Mellow Musher German "I'll always guard the needs of young, old, all of the most special people." At 103 years old, the nursing home resident thought most of her adventures where behind her, then she met Buck. A solid 75 pound German Shepherd, Buck...

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Super-Sized Supporter Blue Dane
Major the Super-Sized Supporter Blue Dane "Big or small, I love them all." At a svelte 140 pounds, Major, the Blue-coated Great Dane, may look imposing, but he's truly a gentle giant (most of the time). Major works as a therapy dog reading with children at ...

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Yodeling Yardbird Schnoodle
Spencer the Yodeling Yardbird Schnoodle  "Call me an outlaw. Call me a protector. Just don't ever call me late for dinner!"  Spencer the  Schnoodle, a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle, may look all fluffy and innocent and cute. Behind those honey colo...

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Persnickety Protective Blotched Tabby
Pickles the Persnickety Protective Blotched Tabby  "I do it my way, and that's the only way to do it." Her family had planned to buy cucumbers when they visited the farm stand. Lucky for them they found an adorable kitten and instead of making pickles they ...

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Attentive Adventurous Teddy Bear
"Just because I'm little doesn't mean I can't enjoy a view from up high." Smokey, the real life teddy bear, actually acts like a dog.  He is a long-haired Syrian hamster which are known for their cute, snuggly, appearance and sometimes called teddy bears. T...

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Masked Marauding Norwegian
Cat-Cat the Masked Marauding Norwegian "Don't let my silky, soft fur fool you. I'm a fine tuned hunting machine!" Cat-Cat chose her own name. She just wouldn't answer to anything else when her family brought her home from the rescue center.  And why not be ...
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