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And the movement keeps growing!!

When will you form a part of it??

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Lista de artículos necesarios para viajar a la Amazonía

• Pasaporte o Cédula de Identidad
• Binoculares
• Linterna y pilas
• Cámara fotográfica
• Repelente contra insectos
• Protector anti solar (crema / gafas / sombrero o gorra)
• Botella para agua
• Pantalones livianos y camisas/blusas de manga larga para las caminatas
• Shorts y camisas/blusas de manga corta para el hotel y sus alrededores
• Traje de baño
• Zapatos cómodos y medias de algodón extras
• Mochila pequeña o canguro
• Poncho o chompa liviana impermeable
• Fundas plásticas para resguardar de la lluvia cámaras y binoculares

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Did you know that...
On the Ecuadorian flag,
The yellow stripe is twice as wide as the red and blue ones. The symbolism of the colors is as follows:
Red stands for the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs of the independence battles.
Blue represents the color of the sea and sky.
Yellow symbolizes the abundance and fertility of the crops and land.

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"The Slow Mist..."
Enjoy Papallacta and its wonderful scenery! You can start planning at:

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An interesting little read on the culinary-culture that flows throughout Ecuador. Definitely worth a look for all those interested in exploring where your food originates from (both physically and psychologically).

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Quito is the second highest capital city in the world (the highest being La Paz, Bolivia, which is also in South America). The city sits at a whopping 2,850 meters (about 9,350 feet) above sea level. Some people suffer from altitude sickness when they first arrive in Quito, commonly referred to as "soroche" in Spanish.

La Casona de La Ronda makes it a point to offer you the most comfortable and fluid transition to this higher altitude by giving you the best in service and hospitality, right in the heart of Quito's historical center.

Photo by: Freddy

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Giant Earth Worm found in Ecuador, weighing around 500 grams and measuring around 1.5 meters.
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Amig@s en Ecuador, les compartimos este interesante artículo del diario El Comercio con importantes tips para viajar fuera del país.

Por ejemplo: ¿Sabían que además de los vecinos Perú y Colombia, los siguientes países no solicitan visas a ciudadanos ecuatorianos?
Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Panamá, Brasil y Venezuela.

Lea más al respecto aquí:
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