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So glad we fought to make this product and fought to make it right.

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We can finally talk about the product of so much hard work!


Given all the commercials for Google+ I am a bit surprised to see my feed just filled with marketing bots. I still think Circles are neat, but without good mobile integration this just seems like a lot of work for little benefit.

greetings Google+, I figure I will be back in a few more weeks

Google + looks as active as back in a few weeks

So it seems that Paypal will let someone else add your email address to their account. They don't verify the email account, but remove the address from any other Paypal accounts and when you try and contact them you have to have an account but since they stripped your email address from your real account you can't contact them to fix the problem. Total Win for Security!!!

I wish all these new tablets and cameras would just settle out so I can pull the trigger and buy some of each :)

I have to say that my use of Google+ is greatly hindered by the lack of a Windows Phone client or support for simple uploading/sharing. I guess I can hope.

Has anyone else noticed "critical" posts being removed from their stream?
I just posted a negative comment about the horrible keyboard fail on the Galaxy II for AT&T...and now it is gone. Interesting.
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