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Abhishek Kumar
We are not better than each other, it's just that we are very different!
We are not better than each other, it's just that we are very different!

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Your smartphone has got a gorgeous screen. Why not make some use of it? (Image)
My laptop has a 11.6 inch screen and my smart phone has a 4.3" screen (I am sure your phones have a larger screen). While I don't have any complaints with my laptop's screen, my phone's screen is a gorgeous SUPER AMOLED ( Retina display will also do :P ).  ...

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Why custom ROMs for android phones are like Chinese toys!
CyanogenMod, a popular custom ROM for android phones Ok, I will admit it. I am tired of changing custom android ROMs on my Samsung Galaxy SII. I am running custom ROM and I am unable to boot my phone since last 2 days. Which ROM is giving me the sweats? Wel...

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In India, it isn't just about generation gap!
Is being the "best", the only option? All around us, success is measured by individual achievement: a student who achieves highest marks, a person who has the highest paying job or the biggest house or the most expensive car... is successful. If you are an ...

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MOOCs(e.g Coursera) is the next best thing on the web after Facebook! Have you tried it out yet?
MOOC: Massive Open Online Course Certificate from Coursera(a platform offering MOOCs) Online tutorials aren't a new addition to internet by any means. Many of us have taken up online tutorials sometime or the other. However these online courses were hobbyis...

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Micromax has continuously refreshed the Canavas line to bring it closer to flagship handsets of well known brands and has adopted  ad campaigns to shed its image of a company selling Chinese phones.

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Facebook's debut in TV commercials promises more Likes for girls!
At one point or the other in our digital lives, all of us(boys/men) have been amazed/mortified/ anguished by the number of likes received by girls. The anguish has spawned a whole class of posts:  "ladkiyon ke liye 1000 likes aur [replace with a valiant dee...

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Handing your Android phone to a kid? You might expose him to porn!
Google is seen as the flag bearer of open platforms and this characteristic automatically extends to the Play store, the official app store for android based smart phones. While Apple is known for strict review of apps before they appear on iTunes store, Go...

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Do you still use a id and password (and 100s of them?)!
so happened that one of my friend’s colleague got arrested for some
matter and was sent to jail. My friend went to meet his colleague in the
jail. Pretty normal, right? Well he went to meet his colleague to get
the username & password of the colleagu...

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Who is right? Which development model should India follow?

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