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Sierra Chiropractic allows affordable health care for individuals as well as a straight forward approach for recovering from general injuries & pain including motor vehicle related trauma (medical lien acceptance), one of the more common modern forms of chronic pain due to trauma. Treatments low impact, effective treatments that even the most sensitive would love.
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Were currently working on a Faqs section for our new website that is currently in the design.

1. Are all patients adjusted the same way? Just as everybody’s injuries age health and other

factors are varied, so are the methods by which chiropractors approach and treat each patient. By the

very nature of the discipline,chiropractors customize treatment plans for each person.

2. Can a person who has had back surgery see a chiropractor? In most cases, Yes. Chiropractic

treatment can be tailor made to treat the areas not directly affected by the surgery if the area having

surgical intervention is felt to be too sensitive for direct contact in the short term. Treatment should be

ascertained by the chiropractor which areas will most effectively benefit the patient.

As time progresses and sensitivity decreases, chiropractic care will be used to maximize the healing

potential , which usually decreases the likelyhood for subsequent surgery as opposed to attempted

recovery without follow up chiropractic care.

3. Can I adjust myself? Unless you are a licensed chiropractor, besides the logistical complications, you

may well do much more harm than good. Knowing how, when, where, why and if to treat are all aspects

of a proper professional treatment. Anything less you risk unnecessary injuries without the desired


4. Do children need chiropractic? Oftentimes, significant spinal trauma occurs at birth, especially in the

neck region. Many parents aware of this have their newborns and infants checked out. These are easy

on the child and even ”fun” as some mothers may attest. Early treatment may well alleviate future

health problems that untreated children may end up suffering from., both in childhood and later on as

an adult.

5. How does chiropractic work? Chiropractic works by helping your body restore its way back to natural

health. By correcting muscular tension, partial bone dislocations (Subluxation), as well as adjunctive

therapy, the body is able to begin restoring its neural communication channels , and thus balance.

This balance enables better function including well being, and other factors leading to a higher quality of

life without addictive chemicals known as narcotics (which of late is becoming an epidemic).

Chiropractic therapy works with your body, instead.

6. Is a good workout the same as getting treatment? While exercise is imperative to good health,

without proper spinal health, the cartilage, joints and muscles experience abnormal stress that may

increase undue wear and potential injuries, short and long term.

7. Is Chiropractic care addictive? If it were, addicts would sell everything for their next “fix”. But that

scenario is highly unlikely since chiropractic treatment is not mean to merely feel good, but actually

improve your health. There are many people that appreciate the ongoing benefits of chiropractic and

receive regular care.This care is sought out because without it, their health, well being and life in general

would otherwise be more dependant on less healthy alternatives. Should someone receive chiropractic

care the rest of your life? Ask yourself what your life would be like if you didn’t practice regular

hygiene(washing, showering, tooth brushing, grooming,…). Receiving chiropractic care periodically

makes for a healthier, happier life-ask anyone that is wise enough to do so.

8. Is Chiropractic safe? Very much so. Chiropractic uses natural methods of safe treatment. The more

risky disciplines do not.

9. If I’m Pregnant?

Especially if you’re pregnant. “The hormones for birthing escalate in the second and third trimester

destabilizing your back and hip joints to allow for an easier birth. This requires chiropractic adjustments

to re stabilize the back and hip joints which may be experiencing more.

10. What is a Chiropractic Adjustment? Chiropractic Adjustments entail the art of using special force in

a precise direction. This is applied to joints which are (usually) painfully subluxated, meaning partially

dislocated, with resultant limited or sometimes severely limited joint motion due to Trauma, spasms.

The purpose is to naturally release the joints and muscles not only to move more freely, but in so doing

relieve pressure on the Nervous system. This usually reduces pain and allows for restoring normal

bodily functions. The body is now able to more effectively heal itself and begin normalizing your overall

systems balance.

11. What is Chiropractic care? Chiropractic Care encompasses a natural method of health care focusing

on the treatment of the causes, not just symptoms, of physical problems. Chiropractic is based on the

powerful, yet simple concept of your body healing itself most effectively when your nervous system

accurately communicates to the Central Nerves system and thus the brain, and the Brain in return,

orchestrates the best response to a pathological situation, as in Trauma, virus, bacterial infections, or

otherwise. This is due to the fact your spine is your lifeline and contains the necessary nerves to carry

out these functions.

12. What type of Education do Chiropractic Doctors receive? Doctors of Chiropractic and Medical

Doctors receive similar education in many respects. Where medical doctors emphasize drug use and

surgical repair, they do not delve into subluxations like chiropractors due. Doctors of Chiropractic study

and learn how subluxations affect one’s overall health and trained to correct it. After 4 years of

education, the chiropractic physicians must then pass a 4 part State Board Certified Examination

program. The education continues, however, each year as most professional disciplines, in order to

maintain their active license.

13. How long does it take the Chiropractic to work? Patient results vary depending on numerous

factors. For example, how long have the problems been present, is the patient eating, resting,

exercising properly? Are the appointments maintained? What is the overall health? These are

determining factors that affect the body’s response and ability to maximize treatment effectiveness. The

more positives, the better the oucome.
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