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Why should we care about inequality?

Tim Noah’s answer:

Because it creates alienation...For a long time economists said: Wait until productivity rebounds. Then working families will get their share. But when productivity rebounded like crazy in the aughts, working families saw no reward. What this means is that if you’re at the median you have no positive reason to care how the economy does. Your only motivation is fear—if the economy does really badly you may lose your job. But there’s no upside.
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The aughts? Real income growth went flat in the early 1970s, while nominal productivity has increased steadily before and ever since.
James Salsman - I think he may be referring to the increase in computer productivity from 2000 - 2010 specifically with the advent of the internet and increasing apps that companies don't need as many white collar office and clerical workers because more of it is becoming digital and automated. Another wave of machines replacing people in the work place.
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