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Thinking of a new name for my one-man copywriting/editing company. Is Asterion-Logos too much of a mouthful?

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Gurukitty is raising funds to publish their second comic anthology, "Once Upon a Time," a collection of numerous fairy tales in comic book form. I wrote one of the stories, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince." A wide variety of stories by a wide variety of talented indie comic artists. Come and take a look.

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A very erudite round-table criticism of some of the many, many problems of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Been loving the "Dungeon Quest" graphic novels by Joe Daly (reads like Charles Burns meets E. Gary Gygax) and want to do my own Dungeons & Dragons graphic novel parody. What if D&D, instead of being inspired by the writings of Howard, Leiber, Tolkien, et al., took its cues from the imagery of Carl Jung? Such character classes as the Persona, the Shadow, the Anima/Animus, and the Alchemist descend into the labyrinths of the Unconscious to battle the fiendish Hobgoblins of the Mind Clan, savage raiders who ride faceless hounds from the Neuro Sea, where the Bigot Trees grow.

Cloudscape Comic's been attracting people's attention recently! Here's a couple of review of our latest anthology, "Giants of Main Street," and an interview Jeff Ellis had on CBC's The Early Edition!

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Reminding everyone that Wednesday, August 1, is the launch party for Cloudscape Comics' next graphic novel, "Giants of Main Street," at the Cultch. I was extensively involved in this book's creation and it's awesome. Are you going? And if not, why the heck not?

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Come visit my portfolio on Behance, the networking site for creative minds, to peruse my various writing/storytelling projects.

"The Batman movie franchise is no more. I have destroyed him.... Here is your hero. Your protector. Take him and bury him." Saw the movie, and it was what I expected and feared. A Pyrrhic victory is technically still a victory, I suppose.

Tell yourself enough times that you can become awesome, and eventually you can.
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