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Putera Imran
Berfikir Tentang Kejadian Alam Dan Apa Yang Berlaku Di Sekelilng Kita.
Berfikir Tentang Kejadian Alam Dan Apa Yang Berlaku Di Sekelilng Kita.
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Enjoy the Beauty

The World is a beautiful place,
with things to admire all around us,
the variety of colors, texture and creations that surrounds us...

We tend to admire them better,
when we free our thoughts,
from prejudice, negativity
and all that imprisons our vision and perception behind bars.

Let us free our mind,
enjoy nature,
respect nature,
and nurture nature ...

As much as we need Nature,
the Nature needs us right now too...

Have a Wonderful Wednesday :)

Note: The white bands are the fence and not processing artifacts... 

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                 World's First Flying Hotel

The hotel Hotelicopter features 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience.
It is a helicopter hotel! It has 18 rooms with five-star facilities!
YouTube : World First Flaying Hotel Concept

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Is the iconic New York Public Library on its way to becoming a glorified Starbucks?

Read the fascinating story behind the "palace of culture's" controversial $300 million renovation:

Salam. Hye3. saya orang baru disini. saya juga kurang tahu segala aplications disini. harap2 ade yg sudi ajar saya

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