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I'm a pediatrician and because of a local pertussis outbreak, my practice will no longer see families who electively refuse to vaccinate their children on the CDC/ACIP schedule. It is that simple and the reason is that unvaccinated children are 8-23 times more likely to contract pertussis during an outbreak. I do not want an electively unvaccinated child dragging pertussis into my waiting room and infecting a newborn too young to receive pertussis vaccine. Think that hasn't happened--thing again. The 2008 Southern California measles outbreak happened when an unvaccinated child brought measles into the waiting room of a doctors office, infecting infants to young to be vaccinated, including one who required hospitalization. A few parents angrily left my practice, but the vast, vast majority of parents feel much better knowing everyone else's child in my waiting room is being fully vaccinated.--Chris Hickie, MD, PhD
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