Do you know what my favorite movie is?
It’s John Waters’ cult classic “Cry Baby”.
One of my favorite lines from that movie is when Cry Baby’s Grandma put her arm around him and says “This took a lotta hubcaps”.
Well that’s the way I feel about this blog but, instead of hubcaps its brain cells!
This blog took a lot of work, almost three months!!
I painstakingly went to shop after shop sometimes telling them why and sometimes as a patron.
While I’m confident I have put together an A++ list there is always someone who is going to be unhappy. So read and enjoy but take it all with a grain of salt…..
Denver is a great city we have mountains, city, country and sand dunes all in one place!
Unfortunately, Denver isn’t always seen as a cultural Mecca, but, oh how wrong they are! We are chalk full of amazing restaurants, clothing stores, art and tattooing!!!
We are seeing more and more beautiful works of body art and we here at CherrieDragon Tattoos wanted to share the best of the best with you. Aren’t we nice?
The following list is in no specific order. It’s a list of amazing artists who do amazing work. If you live in or plan on visiting Denver these are the places you should be going.
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