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Graham Sell
I am not young enough to still know everything, but at 21 with 45 years experience I can still be quite opinionated.
I am not young enough to still know everything, but at 21 with 45 years experience I can still be quite opinionated.
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We are being led by the nose. We
are so busy reacting to the latest outrages, perpetrated by our own government
against its citizens, that we are losing or have already lost our ability to
think clearly about how to counterattack these assaults on the basti...

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The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly
The fires in Knysna and its
surrounds brought out the very best and very worst in South African society. On
the really good side, volunteer fire fighters arrived from all over the country,
and watching Working on Fire teams singing and dancing in a car park...

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The Hamster Wheel of SA Politics
In the wild, hamsters will run for
several miles in a single night, but they obviously can’t do this when confined
to a cage. So does the wheel dupe them into believing they are still free, or are
they really so dumb they will run around in the same circle ...

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Time for Work
In my last post I promised to
share some ideas on how the plight of the unemployed might be addressed,
emphasising that education and skills training can play a vital role in easing
this rapidly escalating problem.   The
urgency of our need to find solution...

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Please talk to me not @ me
Our current crop of politicians
have yet to show even the smallest glimmer of the vision needed to take our
country forward: EFF leadership can’t think beyond State ownership of
everything, a socialist experiment that has failed spectacularly everywhere it

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Disconnecting Some Dots
the dots originated as a children’s puzzle, where each dot is numbered and if
you draw a line between each dot in the correct numbered sequence, a recognisable
picture emerges and you become an instant artist. Wikipedia’s definition includes .......

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The Rape of the Nation Report
We are living in a surreal post truth era, where alternative facts (lies) and fake news reports (more lies)
proliferate; an era dominated by fake politicians making fake promises to
voters living in fake democracies, and we are falling for it over and over

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T he oftentimes
ridiculous bleating of politicians prompted my wife to ask “Does anything good
ever come out of politics?” Offhand, I couldn’t think of anything, so it was
one of those very rare occasions, according to her, where I was left
speechless. Unsu...

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Annus Politica Insania – The Year of Political Insanity
Forgive the Latin, but we were subjected to so many
televised court cases in 2016 that it has almost become our 12 th official language by default; although there is an upside to using this ancient
language as many things sound so much better in Latin than ...

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Divisive and Destructive Politics
The Brexit campaign and latest
US Presidential election campaigns, not to mention our own “State of Capture”
report, provide irrefutable evidence that politics is a fundamentally divisive
and destructive way to make a living.  Politicians the world over dev...
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