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Here at +Fusion Technology Solutions Pty Ltd, we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible recommendations for their business. As we identified a spike in ransomware attacks, we conducted a thorough examination and trial of all existing anti-virus products, used by our customers. This included testing of infected systems to identify which solution provided the best protection for our customers.

We believe +Bitdefender to be the superior product, which is backed up by multiple independent tests. We have such confidence and trust in this product, that we have implemented it within our Fusion Team and have also rolled out Bitdefender to many of our customers.

Find out more and Download free Whitepapers, Data Sheets and the Bitdefender Survey here:

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Why outsource your IT infrastructure and move it into the Cloud? Learn about the Virtual IT Business Model >

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Lighting is often forgotten in modern office environments, as we look to update tech, software and layouts. Over time, poor lighting can increase fatigue and eye strain. With some simple adjustments, you can eliminate this common source of headaches. Find out more

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We just recently finished installing this new hardware. A Dell MD1280 storage enclosure for our managed backups in our Equinix Sydney datacentre. Currently has a raw storage capacity of 28 x 6 TB drives, or a massive 168 TB. With a total expansion capability of up to 84 drive bays per unit, totaling up to 672 TB of raw storage capacity. Hopefully this will last us a while!

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