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Dark Day in Felstad
On April 29th I attended my final game as part of the ongoing Maryland campaign I'd been playing in. The scenario was Run of the Rangifer scenario, combined with a custom Eric’s Rune Stones scenario. Eric's scenario involved runestones represented by scrabb...

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Sunday Inspirational Image: Demon Queen
Part of me looks at a picture like this and thinks "this is an ancient demon who is, quite frankly, bored with the whole "Queen of Darkness" shtick. Not that she's looking to be an angel or anything, but something different..." The other part of my brain th...

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A Tale of Two New Treks
A Tale of Two Treks Star Trek Discovery’s first real trailer premiered Wednesday, and I watched it, repeatedly, with cautious optimism. There’s a lot going on, some things I don’t like, some things that I do. Keep in mind, this is based on the trailer alone...

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Sunday Inspirational Image: Sapphire Knight
When I first saw it I thought it might have been another set of 3D printed armor, but this is actually crafted from leather! By Azmal

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Convention season is upon us! For those in the greater Baltimore/DC metro area, next weekend (5/20) is Charm City Game Day . There are a whole host of RPGs to choose from, no matter what your preferences are. From D&D (4th & 5th) to Ghostbusters and Gamma ...

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Stonehell: Blindly Wandering
Session 34(b) was played on 4/28 Eiric, wizard 3 (Kat) Orpheus, Human Fighter 2 (Henchman) - torch bearers (A A Ron, JJ Swats) - men at arms (C, D) - Namish (dog) Matthias, Dwarf 4 (Julia) - men at arms (M&M, Nnnn) - Herrick (dog) Daryll (NPC Cleric 1, Pris...

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Sunday Inspirational Image: Priestess of the Owl Diety
Whether they're druids or clerics, you probably do not want to get on their bad sides! Source Source

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Stonehell: Monkey Business
Session 34(a) was played on 4/28 Eiric, wizard 3 (Kat) Orpheus, Human Fighter 2 (Henchman) - torch bearers (A A Ron, JJ Swats) - men at arms (A, B, C, D) - Namish (dog) Matthias, Dwarf 4 (Julia) Daryll (NPC Cleric 1, Prisoner) Stayed in town Bisimwa, Human ...

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 Review
Last night I made it to the earliest showing I could for the newest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. Here is your spoiler free review! I remember when the first one came out just about everyone I knew (including ...

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Starfleet IT

STOLEN from Reddit

TICKET: B-013-38725-247540

STATUS: Newly Created


REPORTED BY: IT1 Shron'Tanas

STARDATE: 38725.5

PROJECT: Galaxy-class starship


SUBSYSTEM: Character generation


Possible for command-level users to create artificial intelligence which can control starship systems and endanger the crew



1. Access holodeck with level 1 clearance

2. Instruct computer to create character capable of defeating senior officer.


Users with level 1 clearance have permission to:

1. Remove safety protocols on the holodeck to replicate weapons in an emergency (Requirement R-013-0029569)

2. Instruct computer to create self-learning software with full access to computer databanks (Requirement R-013-0002981)

3. Access any computer process through any computer subsystem to work around hostile lockout (Requirement R-013-0001568)

4. Give permission to the computer to use level 1 clearance permissions to supplement command staff in an emergency. (Requirement R-013-0001562).

Holodeck is designed to create characters:

1. With minimal verbal input (Requirement R-013-5296299)

2. To simulate unethical behavior for creation of "villains" (Requirement R-013-5297110)

It is therefore possible for an officer with level 1 clearance, such as the Chief Engineering Officer, to instruct the holodeck to create a villain which can defeat the senior staff. The computer will create a self-learning software program which simulates unethical behavior and has level 1 clearance permissions. The program can remove safety protocols, take control of ship's systems, and endanger the crew.


TICKET: B-013-38725-247540

STATUS: Backlog



STARDATE: 38727.0


Moved to backlog following discussion with command. All the cited requirements are critical, and coming up with a proper solution will require significant redesign and delay completion of the Galaxy-class project.

The risk of running into this bug is very low. It is improbable that a trained Starfleet officer would request that the computer create a villain capable of defeating the command staff. Such behavior is illogical, and there are already security protocols in place to prevent self-destructive behavior.


TICKET: B-013-38725-247540



MODIFIED BY: CMDR Orfil Quinteros

STARDATE: 42345.1


Following the events on the USS Enterprise, begin working on a fix for this immediately.

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