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Africa, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Mobile Technology
Africa, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Mobile Technology


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The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) is the flagship entrepreneurship programme of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, founded by the entrepreneur, respected investor and philanthropist Tony O. Elumelu.


Identify 10,000 African startups and entrepreneurs with ideas that have the potential to succeed

Grow the businesses through business skills training, mentoring, access to seed capital funding, information and membership in our Africa-wide alumni network

Create businesses that can generate at least 1,000,000 new jobs and contribute at least $10 billion in new annual revenues across Africa

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme is a tool for implementing this vision. The programme is open to young compelling businesses with strong market feasibility, clear financial models and run by capable teams.

Selection into the programme will be a thorough process with no quotas of any kind to simply identify the game changers in the continent. The programme will support selected entrepreneurs through the 7 Pillars of TEEP, a framework that includes mentorship, online and live learning, as well as access to information, networking and seed capital.

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Join us for our Africa Progress. We are going live in a few minutes. 

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Africa is a rich continent. Some of those riches – especially oil, gas and minerals – have driven rapid economic growth over the past decade. The ultimate measure of progress, however, is the well being of people – and Africa’s recent growth has not done nearly as much as it should to reduce poverty and hunger, or improve health and education.

To sustain growth that improves the lives of all Africans, the continent needs an economic transformation that taps into Africa’s other riches: its fertile land, its extensive fisheries and forests, and the energy and ingenuity of its people. The Africa Progress Report 2014 describes what such a transformation would look like, and how Africa can get there.

Agriculture must be at the heart that transformation. Most Africans, including the vast majority of Africa’s poor, continue to live and work in rural areas, principally as smallholder farmers. In the absence of a flourishing agricultural sector, the majority of Africans will be cut adrift from the rising tide of prosperity.

To achieve such a transformation, Africa will need to overcome three major obstacles: a lack of access to formal financial services, the weakness of the continent’s infrastructure and the lack of funds for public investment.
The Africa Progress Report 2014 describes how African governments and their international partners can cooperate to remove those obstacles – and enable all Africans to benefit from their continent’s extraordinary wealth.

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Have more questions on the @africaprogress 2014 report? join us on Tuesday 26th of August at 13.00 GMT for a @Google Hangout with Caroline Kende-Robb Executive Director of Africa Progress Panel.

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We need to intergrate, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking and design to address #Africa's #Science4Dev problems - Dr Wole Soboyejo
Powered by H.E @PaulKagame&@WorldBankAfrica

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81 countries are lagging behind in the innovation and technology - half are in Africa. That is 2/3s of #Africa's population!
Romain Murenzi (TWAS) 
Join the #Science4Dev  debate LIVE at
Hosted by H.E @PaulKagame

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The #Science4Dev  goal is to double the number of students graduating in sciences over the next 10 years! Makhtar Diop Live from  #Rwanda cc @worldbankafrica

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Day 2 at #Science4dev ! Great opening address on Accelerating africa's aspirations by @vibruta @mineduc1#Rwanda

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Fancy sharing ideas for two days with Africa's best thinkers this June. Africa Gathering is Back at the BBC. Book your seats. Places are limited!!

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