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Changing the Narrative: What’s Missing from National School Choice Week
  National School
Choice began in 2011 with 150 events and concluded this week with 16,745 events
to spread the word about school choice options.  According to the website ,
National School Choice Week is about giving parents the opportunity to select
from ...

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The Opt Out Movement Continues to Grow
“As the opt out movement grows, we grow - sometimes in
different directions and sometimes together - as we adjust to policy changes
that impact our schools.” United Opt Out National . Growth is necessary to
ensure we continue to refuse to accept the privati...

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Am I Radical Enough? Thoughts on Being a Black Education Activist Surrounded by White Liberals
      To my non activist friends this sounds like a silly question.  I am pretty sure, when they think of radical
activist they think of me. At first it was because I used Facebook to
proliferate my radical views but since returning to Washington, DC in 201...

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I Will Not Be That Black Person You Need Me To Be
We are in the midst of another cycle
of oppression boiling over into the streets. In Baltimore, protests have
erupted over the death of Freddie Gray who died a week after being arrested by police and suffering a broken spine. Protesters took to the streets ...
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