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(Written with tears flooding out
at age 14 shortly after 11=22=63)


It was a warm day in Dallas
The sun was bright in the skies.
People lined up to see him
Soon there would be tears in their eyes.

The President was coming
He was known as JFK.
This was to be his longest ride
On this very tragic day.

"Clear the street" yelled the policeman
"There's plenty of room".
"Get your cameras ready
He'll be here pretty soon".

Meanwhile approaching the city
Were the President and his wife.
Along were the Vice President and Governor
All risking their lives.

They waved to the people
Who responded with cheers.
But all of a sudden from nowhere
Loud noises rang in their ears.

The President slumped over
Bleeding violently from his head.
His wife knew what had happened
Her loved one was nearly dead.

The doctors worked relentlessly
To save the President's life.
But it was of no use
The nation would have to take it in stride.

He was a hero of the World War
Who had saved many men.
He was the President of The United States
Who was criticized now and then.

He was a leader of the world
Who had put the US ahead.
But most important, though tragic, of all
Was that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was dead.
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