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Hi Deborah, Michael Lee Johnson here. Sorry to derail, however, I was just wondering if you had an email address I could send a possible pitch to?

I am going to be walking 15,000km from Beijing, China, to London, England. I will be life-streaming my entire journey over social media so that people can follow my epic adventure from one side of the world to another...And most importantly... Join in. I will be bringing my childhood dream to life so the whole world can dream with me.

I will be doing LIVE Google+ hangouts in every village and city, and my entire journey will be tracked via GPS and plotted on to Google maps. You will be able to see where I am at any given moment in time. Through the use of 3G networks, multiple wireless HD camera's and a lightweight laptop, I hope to be able to live stream some of my journey and produce a weekly web t.v series entitled, 'On foot to Freedom'.

My entire walk is going to take somewhere between 3-5 years and is going to be completely social media related.

- Regards, Mike.

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